Andrew Lee’s Heavy Metal Shrapnel (Nameless Grave Records/Productions TSO, 2021)

Andrew Lee’s Heavy Metal Shrapnel is a time capsule that brings the 80s sleaze back  baby! If you love ripping, shredding solos, then you only need to wait 5 seconds before the face melting begins. As the name implies, this is truly a proper homage to the legends […]

Virial- Transhumanism

Virial is releasing their sophomore album “Transhumanism” this Friday September 24th and this was my first introduction to the band. Wow, what a treat my ears where in for…..and what an album! What can I honestly say? Virial really brings the heat on “Transhumanism” with precise, melodic guitar […]

Inferi- Vile Genesis

Melodic technical death metal up and comers Inferi released their most melodic, mature and impressive release in their short existence this past Friday September 10th. “Revenant” from 2018 is still a huge banger for me and I fell in love with last year’s EP “Of Sunless Realms”. I […]