Autocatalytica Official Drum Playthrough Premiere Of “Cheggo”

Autocatalyica is dropping their drum playthrough today with us courtesy of their skins man Neilroy Miranda! This a virtuosic math rock band with tight grooves released their album “Powerclashing Maximalism” on October 16th. You can check out the wild drum performance below! Autocatalytica is a bubbling cauldron of scatter-brained […]

Profanity- Fragments Of Solace

Profanity is releasing their album tomorrow December 4th and this is my first taste of this band with the album “Fragments Of Solace”. What first interested me was the wild guest list of insanely credible extreme metal musicians…..Terrence from Suffocation, Dave Suzuki (Ex Vital Remains) and one of […]

Contrarian, “Only Time Will Tell

Our friends in Contrarian saw a positively stellar year in 2019. The ides of March brought forth their third full length album; a most impressive beast, Their Worm Never Dies further showcased the quality of the composition and instrumental skill Jim Tasikas and Brian Mason are capable of. […]