Sam Mooradian- Bad Brain

Guitar wizard Sam Mooradian is releasing his second effort “Bad Brain” Friday July 28th and was pleased to get an inquiry in our email. “Depression For Breakfast” dropped in 2018 and didn’t hear anything from him since then. I then saw he joined Fallujah to play shows and […]

The Zenith Passage- Datalysium

The Zenith Passage is finally releasing their long awaited album next Friday July 21st “Datalysium” on their new record label Metal Blade Records. There was a rumored second album recorded alongside said album, that I’m equally as excited to hear. For now, we have another stellar output from […]

Creeping Death-Boundless Domain

One of death metal’s rising stars Creeping Death is releasing another album “Boundless Domain” this Friday June 16th. 2019’s “Wretched Illusions” was my introduction to the band and one of my favorites, then 2021 arrived. “Edge Of Existence” dropped that year and that EP was as good as […]

Divinex- Dreamscapes

Instrumental prog metal band Divinex is releasing their beautfiul bundle of stress (I know they’ve been working at this album for years now!) “Dreamscapes” on June 16th. They have gone through some lineup changes bringing back longtime guitariast James Millerd after being out of the band for a […]

Torture Rack- Primeval Onslaught

Torture Rack is releasing their full length album “Primeval Onsalught” this Friday June 9th. Torture Rack is a project featuring members of Skeletal Remains, Witch Vomit and Aenigmatum. Considering the talents in this band I had absolutely no choice but to check out this release. Also it’s a […]