Hath – All That Was Promised (Willowtip, 2022)

Hath is back! This quartet just dropped their second full-length album, full of evil riffs, vocals that sound like bestial incantations, and easily the greatest drum performance in blackened death metal that I’ve ever heard. I don’t know what exactly was promised (haha lol fuckin funny joke), but […]

TMR Is 4 Years Old!

February 8th the web site turned 4 years old! We’ve come a long way with 8,000+ followers even with life getting in the way we’ve managed to still put out articles and do our thing. Recently we added two contributors one making it to editor already! We have […]

Define Prog.

I hope this becomes as civil as possible, and creates positive encouraging and educating discussion. To clarify my taste for the prog gatekeepers: I love classic, modern, instrumental, cinematic, extreme, forward thinking and any kind of experimental progressive music. Some might draw me in more than others, but […]