Unflesh Interview May 2018



Unflesh is about to release a killer album in a few weeks and it seriously shreds……hard.  “Savior” is one of the best releases of 2018 overall, and probably the best independent release that I know of.

TMR: What was it like working with one of the best drummers in Hannes Grossman? The guy is legitimate drumming gold.

Ryan Beevers: It was great, he’s extraordinarily good at what he does! Definitely a great experience!

TMR: Ryan what is it like going to school at the prestigious Berklee College of Music? And do you think it adds a stigma whether its positive or negative just because someone is attending their school? If you go to Berklee…..you must be perfect, right? Like Dream Theater?

Ryan Beevers: Well, I myself personally am going to school at Berklee for very different reasons than doing Unflesh. I look at them as two different worlds with completely different motivations. I have no concern or interest about people’s opinion regarding this. 

TMR: Your sound is so fresh and so unique compared to many technical and progressive death metal bands these days……how tough is it to keep such an original sound in a slightly repetitive genre? You never want to go stale and rehash the same music over and over again.

Ryan Beevers: It’s quite tough I think when creating music as a band you wanna try and expand and try to push in all directions while maintaining the core fundamentals and also enhancing the sound as much as possible. These are ideas that I try to keep in mind at all times.  

TMR: Do you guys plan on shopping for a label or want to stay independent? 

Ryan Beevers: As far as labels go we haven’t gotten too many offers but either way we are doing just fine being independent for the time being.

TMR: What is everyone’s journey that led them to their instrument of choice? And influences that made you want to become a musician?

Ryan Beevers: Mainly what inspired me in the beginning was bands that my dad was listening to like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Overkill and Testament. That got me to want to pick up a guitar and make music like these bands did.

TMR: Between Babymetal and Corey Feldman who would you rather open up for on a tour?

Ryan Beevers: I’m not too familiar with either so I can’t answer.

TMR: Onto a serious question……what band is on your “bucket list” would you love to play a show with? 

Ryan Beevers: Oh that’s a tough one, I’d have to say that most of the bands I’d love to play a show with don’t exist anymore. But I’d love to play a show with maybe Watain, Morbid angel, Necrophagist (if they ever come back) or maybe Der Weg einer Freiheit.

TMR: Where did you derive your band name from?

Ryan Beevers: The band name was inspired by the Dark Fortress song “The Unflesh” and as the band has grown I think the band name has taken a whole new meaning in and of itself in terms of relating to the lyrical content and drive of the band.

TMR: Savior has a very cool and creepy album cover…..what primarily influenced it and the idea behind it?

Ryan Beevers: The album cover and all the other artworks inside the cover are based on the lyrical content in each song. I had several in depth conversations with the guy who designed the artworks Junki Sakuraba, explaining what each song was about. So all the artworks you see are what he envisioned after these discussions and hearing the demos I’d send to him. He’s extremely talented and he did a fucking brilliant job.

TMR: What kind of gear do you guys use? And what is your favorite single piece of gear whether its for recording or playing?

Ryan Beevers: I use an ESP guitar and Engl Amps, Ghs strings and a couple of various guitar pedals. Our other guitarist uses Peavy amps and I know he has some sort of rack unit which I’m not too sure what it is at the moment. Our Bassist uses Ibanez basses and DNA amps, Our drummer Chris uses a Yamaha recording custom kit, Vater sticks and Remo drum heads.

TMR: What is everyone’s all time favorite albums? And anything you’re looking forward to being released in 2018?

Ryan Beevers: Speaking for myself I’d say some of my favorite records would be Dissection-Storm of the light’s bane, Watain-Lawless Darkness, Celtic Frost-Monotheist and many more. This year I’m looking forward to the latest Obscura and At the Gates releases.

TMR: Please provide links here for any other project of yours or any endeavor outside of the band that anyone can check out.

Solium Fatalis:



Seven Spires:







Ingested- The Level Above Human



Slam/Death Metal kings Ingested just released one of the best extreme albums of the year.  This album has been on repeat for weeks since April 27th when this great album came out.  It didn’t take long for it to settle in with me…..easily digestible, to say the least. It’s a lot more straightforward and as heavy as their previous releases.  What I like most about Ingested personally is their willing to keep going and push themselves….every album has gotten better since their early days of the “Revered By No One, Feared By All” EP 5 years ago.  This band is extremely energetic.

They’re not trendsetters……they’re modern day legends. I’m talking modern day Suffocation legendary.  Am I over-stretching boundaries? Hell no! They’re that good! There’s a reason behind their “Slam Kings” nickname.  The Ingested dudes are here to keep death metal great.  Anyone into death metal should love “The Level Above Human”…..if not, they probably love babymetal.

If you don’t believe me, or want to……here’s the album stream.  I rate this beast 10 blast beats out of 10.






Voidthrone- Kur



Voidthrone’s latest album “Kur” is out today May 4th.  They’re a dissonant blackened death metal band who’s unlike no other band out there right now……their eeriness and raw sound is what got me into this band.  Voidthrone is an energetic band that brings the heat every second on their 24 minute release.

The album artwork is as creepy and haunting as the album itself.  It only adds to the unusual and uneasy feeling their music portrays.  Kur is definitely one of the heaviest releases of 2018.

The band had this to say about their latest release….
“Musically, Kur builds on Voidthrone’s previous release. It contrasts established, repeated central riffs and textures with the drawn-out onslaught of sounds unfamiliar to the listener. It is with this approach that we strive to master a very certain art: that of the journey from beginning to end, from substance to emptiness. This requires embracing the emotional lows equally well as the highs. We write what feels natural to channel, but unnatural in relation to mainstream extreme metal. Our goal is to create unique and dissonant music that retains traditional elements of our genre without a pretentious air.

Lyrically, the album is an exploration of isolation and desolation. The songs touch on utter psychological collapse; an untethering from the reality, society, self. Kur begins from the perspective of an everyman, focused on some MacGuffin of enlightenment- religious, personal, scientific, universal, etc. As with any monkey paw story, there is a perverse result- obsession, madness, and unholy subterfuge. The concrete narrative quickly melts away into expressionistic confusion and chaos. The meaning and music assimilate and fully delve into tones of frantic terror and seething psychological sickness.

By the end of Kur, it is our intent to leave both listener and performer drained. Within this receptive exhaustion, we leave a spark- a seed of discontent that rejects normality. A hunger engendered for the other side of the veil. Beyond which- an absolute darkness, filled with Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh my!
The album cover is an abstract painting created by the band at the beginning of the songwriting process, before we had started writing music. It is a visual representation of the root feelings that we used as the groundwork for the aural assault of Kur. It is the preface of the chaotic emotional state that we aim to cultivate.”

Kur Tracklisting
1. Modern Hellfire
2. Kur
3. Phantasm Epoch
4. Their Recursive Communion

Voidthrone lineup:
Ronald Foodsack (ex-Obnoxious) – Guitar, Phin (Thai stringed instrument)
Mac Boyd (ex-Dad Jazz) – Guitar
Joshua Keifer (ex-A Flourishing Scourge) – Drums
Austin Schmalz (Phorusrhacidae, ex-Topless Pit) – Bass
Zhenya Frolov (MCMJ) – Vocals

Incase you haven’t read last month’s interview conducted with the band, you can check it out below. You can buy Kur directly at their band camp website.

Dischordia- Binge And Purge EP Preview



Progressive Death Metal Experimentalists Dischordia have released a teaser video for their upcoming 2 song 24 minute EP “Binge/Purge”.  The Dissonant extremists are releasing the EP on Friday June 15th.  2:30 doesn’t do this any justice, stay tuned in the next few weeks to get more information and music on this wild EP.

Dischordia guitarist Keeno comments on Binge/Purge:
“Binge/Purge is a modern take on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy within our own political-cultural system. We enjoy telling stories with our music. Thanatopsis was a new level for us stylistically in searching for our sound. Binge/Purge builds on that progress and allows us to stretch our skills within a concept EP. “

Dischordia – Binge/Purge Tracklisting
1. Binge (11:04)
2. Purge (13:28)

Dischordia – Binge/Purge Line-Up
Bass, Flute, Marimba, & Vox by Josh Turner
Guitars, Ukulele, & Vox by Keeno
Drums, Guitars, & Piano by Josh Fallin
Guest choir on “Purge” by Rose State Chorus, directed by Dr. Tracey Gregg-Boothby



The Slyde- Awakening

TheSlyde Awakening cover_preview.jpeg


Canadian Progressive Rock/Metal band The Slyde is releasing “Awakening” on May 18th.  I figured I would share their greatness with everyone before their album drops. Preorder their album before its release day! Great influences of Dream Theater, Rush and Haken…..this band is definitely staged to turn some heads.




Here’s a few tracks to tide you over until May 18th. I’ve been listening to them for under a week now….I’m loving it.



twitter- @theslydecanada





Voidthrone “Kur” Album Stream!


Dissonant black metal headbangers Voidthrone are set to release their second LP this upcoming Friday May 4th and have kindly given the world a taste of their upcoming release.  I have promoted these guys ever since I heard about them and damn, they’re pretty good. Shit, they’re opening up for the legendary SATRYICON in two weeks! These guys seriously bring the heat. I hope you enjoy the 24 minutes of insanity brought to you by Voidthrone.


Preorder the album on their band camp website before Friday’s release! I mean, why not for the measly $3 minimum? Oh, and band camp gives more of the money to the band and don’t take all the sales…..so it’s basically direct support. I have and even put forth a few more bucks for the dudes. Music ain’t free folks, support your favorite bands don’t steal their art….especially the smaller guys and unknowns or independents…..such as Voidthrone. Your support would truly mean a lot.



twitter- @VoidthroneBand




Fire Garden- May Band Of The Month



Fire Garden is the featured Band of the month for May! If you have been following along, I let the general public decide who I should feature for the month of May…..starting with 10 bands in the first week of voting, 5 in the second week and then the remaining 3 I let run for over a week.  Damn, does Fire Garden have some relentless and dedicated fans.  They received 26 votes of the 40 placed the final week, Divinex and Inanimate Existence splitting the remaining 14 votes evenly at 7 per piece.  Not even close! So, with the large amount of participation and interest for the site that is barely off it’s feet I was awfully impressed with the voting numbers it was far from a waste of time.  One of the months during the fall, I am going to run another public vote the same exact way.  Congratulations to my friends in FG who are some awfully cool dudes, to boot.

Fire Garden is a progressive rock band from Chicago that is the pride and joy of guitarist/vocalist Zee Baig.  Rounding out his live lineup is guitar wizard Allen Ladis, bass sensation Marc Malitz and drumming expert Bill Kiser.  The band made the trip to the Evening Star Concert Hall last summer with Tiles from Detroit.  Dave from Turning Virtue put on the show and had all 3 bands play the same evening.  The same man also told me about Fire Garden earlier last year before he put the show on in the summer….Davey K has some great ears, folks (that’s a running theme, isn’t it?).  Fire Garden put on an energetic show to close out that evening…..if you ever get a chance do NOT miss their live show!

The band’s first album “Sound Of Majestic Colors” was a great debut album.  It was heavily influenced by Dream Theater and Pink Floyd.  There was a different vocalist that was the gravy on top.  However, on the critically acclaimed follow up album “Far And Near” (that won a barrage of awards for a newer band) was a lot more personal and had Zee’s melancholic and emotional touch on the record.  It also featured him singing lead vocals as well not just the songwriter.  He rounded together an insane group of artists who believed in his vision and music…Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater’s keyboard player), Jimmy Keegan(ex Spock’s Beard drummer), Mixed by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief) and the Artwork by the infamous Travis Smith (he’s done artwork for countless bands).



Fire Garden was nominated by progrock.com as Chicago’s best band of 2017.  Want some more accolades? Last year the band received a glowing review of Far and Near in Prog magazine (Progressive rock/metal version of Rolling Stone)!  Zee is already working on a a follow up to Far And Near…..which in my opinion is an extremely tough task.  I loved the emotion of the album from start to finish.  Zee’s voice is unique and adds originality to his band that is constantly evolving.  I for one am extremely excited to hear what comes of Fire Garden 3 (I’m just gonna call it that until details are released!).

Fire Garden has a show this month, actually.  They are opening up for Cloud Zero, a band who pays tribute to Porcupine Tree.  If you live near Chicago, the trip will be more than worth it! May 26th @ Q Bar


When the keyboard wizard believes in an artist…..you listen to him.  Check back in all month for everything Fire Garden!