Part 2 Preview of Turning Virtue Interview.

Davey’s advice for young artists.

Hey people of the interwebs.  Here is another preview of the 90ish minutes of material we shot for the interview.  Friday there will be more material posted that will be more entertaining and showcase our fun side 😉

At one point in the very near future the whole 80-90 some minute interview will be posted in full, we are genuinely chopping up that huge piece into a handful of previews and sections for now.

In the meantime, enjoy this more serious clip and anyone who is “Dreamin'” (to quote the band!) and take the man’s advice!




Rivers Of Nihil- Where Owls Know My Name…..Best of 2018?



Rivers of Nihil has been an underrated force in death metal in the modern age.  Their last album “Monarchy” was a modern day death metal masterpiece with sweet artwork to boot. What makes the Pennsylvania natives stand out more and more is their lack of concern what people think of their music.  R.O.N is out to make very obscure music in a fairly repetitive genre.  What makes “Where Owls Know My Name” a top release in my eyes very early in 2018 is their increased willingness to experiment……leading off, heavy use of saxophone throughout the album.  Yeah…..a big instrument in Jazz music used in death metal. Tacky, right? Not even close! It’s used perfectly to omit the greatest mood changes throughout the songs on the album.  Background instrument? No way, man. We’re talking about up close and personal….saxophone leads!

What else does their latest album also offer? Jake Dieffenbach sings on “Where Owls Know My Name” as well! The band’s first two albums were primarily growled, but the band threw some great curveballs for their third full length.  Andy from Black Crown Initiate (another grossly underrated progressive death metal band) sang lead vocals on the title track, as well.  This also marks the band’s new drummer Jared Klein as his first album he’s recorded with the band.  Guitarist Brody shines on this album as bright as the sun itself…’s awfully tough to put his efforts into words.

There’s also some occasional trumpets and acoustic guitars scattered throughout the album as well……..and even some keyboard/synthesizer parts as well.  Don’t let all of these experimental ideas and non traditional death metal elements turn anyone away.  The album is still plenty heavy for any metalhead no way has the band ditched its death metal roots.  The album has flawless production, as well.  I swear it checks every single box off on what was expected, and then some.


The latest band photo was shot near a river….. No really, it was.


Rivers of Nihil delivers quite possibly the coolest and most complete album of 2018. I can’t say how happy I am the great coverage this album has gotten so far….this band has flown far under the radar for so long its about time people have woken up.  The album art is freaking amazing as well. I love unusual and creepy covers. There’s also some occasional electronics which weren’t prevalent before. “Where Owls Know My Name” is just perfect on every level……there is absolutely no weaknesses.  The worst part of the album is when its over…..good thing there’s the repeat option.

After you listen to the whole album buy the sonofabitch.








Aaron Marshall of Intervals



Aaron Marshall the creative mind of his instrumental band “Intervals” based out of Toronto, Ontario.  If you’re a guitarist and also an instrumental freak like myself, you should know who Aaron/Intervals is.  His latest album catapulted its way onto my best of 2017 list for a million reasons.  His guitar work captivates me because generically his music is instrumental but has so many influences you can’t really put a finger on what Aaron’s style is……that is the type of artist or band TMR strives to support and promote. His sound is very heavy, yet also very melodic poppy and experimental….it drags you in and just can’t let go.

Aaron is a one man wrecking crew who has such a unique style.  He isn’t a big shredder, a show off or a simple player…..his creative mind is like no other.

Impusively Responsible guitar play through


He is such a tasteful player, it blows my mind.  What amazes me about instrumental bands is their awesome knack (in most cases) for composing.  Certain artists mess around too much and not focus on the song as a whole.  Lots of showing off in the genre which tends to get boring at times.  Aaron on the other hand, is a phenomenal writer that never bores you.

Touch and Go guitar play through

This song is my favorite from the latest album.  I believe its a solid example of the man’s diversity as an artist and guitar player.  He has such a great ear for melody and harmony it’s easy to get lost in his music.  It has a cool mellow section with some keys/synth and clean guitar tone with a beautiful melody to accompany that part of “Touch And Go”.

Mata Hari guitar play through

Here’s a fun ripper for the metalheads.  Younger Aaron had more of a metal edge to his playing and writing….and then branched out in the last few years experimenting more with his style.  In general Aaron has such a diverse and interesting catalogue it can catch anyone’s ears honestly.

Having artists like Aaron around make life greater for everyone.  He’s been on some great tours recently one at the end of 2017 in Europe with Nick Johnston and Polyphia.  He recently just finished a North American run with Nick Johnston (again!), Jason Richardson and Night Verses.  Also was just announced as a part of the HEAVY MONTREAL lineup this summer as well (an amazing step for instrumental bands!).  How cool is that?!?!


Aaron deserves all the success he is having and keeps continuing to grow as an artist and guitar player.  Don’t slack on this guy’s music.

Intervals on the Interwebs







Nyktomorph is an extreme metal band from Buffalo, New York.  These guys are so heavy…’s like they can’t get any heavier.  They have a combined black metal and death metal influence.  Sonically they’re absolutely blistering…..I love their vocals.  Very raw, and very energetic.

The band has a 3 song EP that was just recently released at the end of January.  I bet you these guys put on one heck of a live show…..I really got into their music quickly.  This band really makes you want to separate your shoulder and injure your neck.

The layered keyboards adds to the mystic and haunting elements of the blackened death metal genre.  They definitely aren’t for the weak willed or commercial metal lovers….they’ll blow your minds.  The drumming is very intense and well constructed that stands out throughout their music.

I have to say this band can make its way into my rotation the more I listen to them.  Check out this band stay up to date on their releases and any shows they may be up to.


Thanks for everything Frank Mullen!


The face…..the sound…..the epitome of legendary death metal band Suffocation Frank “The Tank” Mullen who has been the band’s only vocalist (minus fill ins since 2012 on tour when he picked up a full time job that demands lots of hours) in its 30+ year existence.  That is old as myself……holy crap. Anyways, he posted a video on his Facebook fan page stating a tour at the end of this year will be his last with the band who knows if he might just stay on to record albums.  We unfortunately know he’s done with shows but maybe just be a part of the albums from here on out……but if he can’t handle that anymore, personally I want to thank the man for everything he has done for such an obscure genre of heavy metal.  Suffocation was one of the first bands that got me into death metal outside of other legendary acts such as Obituary, Death, Morbid Angel, Possessed and later on Decapitated.

He was never a slacker at all……he helped put together some of the most memorable albums in death metal.  “Effigy Of The Forgotten”, “Pierced From Within”, “Breeding The Spawn” and “Human Waste” ring any bells metalheads? The latest offering “Of The Dark Light” is also turning into another Suffocation classic as well.



What set apart Mullen apart from your average extreme metal vocalist wasn’t his talent or poise…..but his admirable personality.  He had serious fun in an extremely unprofitable genre. He was very funny and uplifting, which you wouldn’t expect out of an average frontman for a death metal band.  Would he be in this long haul for it? Death Metal doesn’t pay the bills folks, lets be real.  That’s what came down to it all for Frank…..and he did it for as long as you could.  This is why its super important to support the music you’re into especially if its obscure and not popular…..theres lots of financial trouble.  Suffocation being one of the best death metal bands since the genre’s beginning in the later part of the 1980’s is still very lucky to be able to do what they love to do.

As a native of the Buffalo region in New York, I have a closer bond to the guys in Suffocation (who originated in Long Island….close enough, same state right?). I remember seeing the band at the old Club Infinity in Williamsville when they released “Blood Oath” when the classic lineup was together for the millionth time….

Frank Mullen- vocals

Terrence Hobbs- guitars

Guy Marchias- guitars

Derek Boyer- Bass

Mike Smith- Drums

Sadly that was the only time I saw Mullen, but also the only time I saw Mike Smith (another favorite drummer of mine in the death metal game) who left and joined the band countless times. I wasn’t totally into the genre then, and one local band (I forgot who) may have been on the bill and stayed late enough to check them out. I was just getting past Between the Buried & Me and Lamb Of God vocally I wasn’t always into growling so it took getting used to.  Good god, they kicked my ass.  Not just the sweet shred work of death metal’s best guitar duo but Frank’s insane amount of energy that catapulted the band to one of the best performances I’ve seen of any band.

Some of my favorite Suffocation tracks:

Clarity Through Deprivation

Thrones Of Blood


Pierced From Within


From the bottom of my heart…..thanks for everything Mr. Mullen. You fronted one of the greatest death metal bands, and one of the most underrated metal bands in general (should be up in the same legions as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest go ahead fight me!).  Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on Frank and the band. Hail Suffocation. Hail Frank.


Thomas Gerwitz- Another Place In Time




Tom is a progressive rock artist out of Buffalo, New York.  He has released a full length album “Blackwell” before this EP was recently released. I’ve followed his progress initially through his progressive death metal band Eira which is awesome by the way.

He has come a long way as an artist, vocally especially.  To be honest, like any artist we learn from mistakes and valuable lessons along the way……there’s much worse singers out there and wasn’t the greatest to begin with.  After the Era EP and full length I noticed on “Blackwell” his voice got much better and his ear for melody was improving.  His vocals sounded much richer and pronunciations were a big improvement compared to previous offerings.  There’s lots of great music along the way, as well.  Blackwell was very progressive as well, but definitely heavier.  It had some cool guitar riffs and very melodic leads along with very cool artwork.  This time around though, it was a lot mellower and acoustically dominated with some electric guitar thrown in here and there.  I personally love the added keyboard and synth patches that enhance the moods at times.

Another Place In Time is a standout release for Tom, and clocks in just around 31 minutes for the three songs “Nostalgia”, “Naissance” and “Nadir” in that exact order.  It’s well written EP all around.  Everyone can only hope he keeps continuing on the same path, and even getting better along the way.  Maybe he can put a band together and play some shows? Maybe Eira can come back from the dead as well?

You can listen to all of Tom’s music on his Bandcamp…..after you listen, don’t be a jerk and buy the music.

Also, you can go to the Eira Bandcamp to listen to their music…….and then buy it……wink, wink 😉


Who knows what the future holds.  All I know is that it is very bright.