Alter Idem releases new song “Death Perception”

Australian death metal group Alter Idem released an adventurous new song “Death Perception” which is a bit different their 2020 EP “Fragments Of Consciousness” in a good way. The song is still slam focused, but there’s some dissonance and some mood changes along the way. I think it […]

Meshuggah- Immutable

The mighty Meshuggah is releasing their first album in years “Immutable” this Friday April 1st. I think a good amount of metalheads know their history “Obzen” will always be my favorite release along with “Chaosphere” and “The Violent Sleep Of Reason” (their last release all the way back […]

TMR Is 4 Years Old!

February 8th the web site turned 4 years old! We’ve come a long way with 8,000+ followers even with life getting in the way we’ve managed to still put out articles and do our thing. Recently we added two contributors one making it to editor already! We have […]