Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 6-27-19

Hello people! We are back again with more music for you all to check out! Before you dive into this week’s batch check out previous articles right here.


This is a really cool band.  This is a jazz trio which is primarily focused on the piano in the band.  It’s more of a contemporary sound, so it’s a bit different than classic jazz if you’re into older styles.  This band released a real swanky album last year called “Got A Light?”.  You can check out a song from that album below and check out their past library if you’re into this type of jazz! Enjoy this one folks!



For the progressive death metal fans I have Gourmand for you today.  They’re a newer band from the midwest of the United States.  They have a unique song and songwriting style, led by the cello in their songs.  No, they don’t rip of Ne Obliviscaris but dang Gourmand can write a stellar track.  If you love emotion, melody and intensity this band is for you.  They released this great album “Blossoming From The Grave” last year which to my surprise is a fairly consistent play in my heavy rotation of countless bands and artists.  Check out that album below!



This cool band is a newer find literally within the last few months for me.  They’re a modern progressive metal band with twists of classic prog rock thrown in for good measure.  This young, driven band caught my attention in basically every asset of their sound.  The Odious released their groundbreaking new album “Vesica Piscis” recently and can listen to that modern opus at the link earlier in the sentence.  If you love BTBAM, you’ll dig a cool band like The Odious.  They have a super cool back library of great tunes as well so don’t forget to listen to those as well!

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