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Orphalis is Our June 2023 Artist Of The Month!

German technical death metal band Orphalis is our Jun 2023 Featured Artist Of The Month! I have honestly soured on the genre (even is the website name to boot) and is too stale for me when it comes to extreme metal. But, Orphalise is a breath of fresh air with interesting compositions and a world of talent. “The Birth Of Infinity” is a nice debut from 2016 that dragged me in with some stellar musicianship. The 2019 album “The Approaching Darkness” was a groove focused offering with some intricacy mixed in. Now, the band is back for a third release “As The Ashes Settle” due out at the end of August.

Orphalis a perfect mix of everything you need in a tech death band and then some. After two releases they’ve gained some traction in the scene for sure. As long as I’ve heard of the band I’ve always thought they were one of the most underrated bands in the genre. I hope our followers discover this stellar band and feel the same. Check back on our facebook page all month for a different Orphalis song every day!

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