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Vintersea- Woven Into Ashes

Progressive Metal band Vintersea is releasing their third album “Woven Into Ashes” May 5th of this year. I’ve been keeping tabs on this band since the last release “Illuminated” which came out in 2019. They are a heavy, melodic, elegant and atmospheric experience every song brings a new journey. The album flows well with a lot of mood changes. As a guitarist I”m naturally drawn to music, songwriting, and the string work of guitar and bass.

Vocals are important but not what I’m always drawn to initially as an artist. Ironically, that was not the case here and Avienne Low is mind blowing. She has a great smooth, clean concise voice that’s used in a variety of different ways (a big plus for progressive bands). Also, you wouldn’t imagine a female with such intense growls (lower and mid ranged, to boot). She puts some male vocalists to shame with her emotional growls and shrieks, and her singing is the cherry on the top of the cheesecake(I fucking love cherry cheesecake!). I keep using the reference and it’s cheesy, but man I love when women have a great singing voice. An inspirational performance on this upcoming release vocalists should listen to if you want a lesson on a diverse singing style.

The guitar riffs and rhythms are phenomenal on this album. “Woven Into Ashes” does not contain endless shred potentially boring your average music listener. The drum work is great too with many good fills, and also playing some simpler rhythms on the songs. The songs aren’t long for the sake of being long and have a lot of substance. I dig this album with its deep variety and some cool twists and turns I’m not going to spoil. Listen to this album when it drops!

The blackened vibe on the album is pretty cool, ALA Dawn Of Ouroboros who also executes this style very well (also with a female vocalist!). The production is good too, nobody is drowned out or anything felt like it was too high in the mix. Nothing kills an album that has good production work but the levels are a bit off, which can negatively effect a listening experience. Thankfully, that is not the case here. It’s good to see the band pushing their talents and musical boundaries with this pending album release. Mark this on your calendars (literal or digital calendar) as it will go under a lot of people’s noses. I was excited to see this promo in the website email and when this launches I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful album as much as I did.

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