Official Premiere Of Nomad “Rise In The Fall” Drum & Vocal Playthrough

Nomad is premiering their playhtrough of their song “Rise In The Fall” drum AND vocal playthrough with us today. The band’s album “The Mountain” released March 3rd of this year. Band statement about the song:”The title came first here, and I thought “gee, that sounds like the Russian revolution” one regime rising while the previous one falls, and it happens in the fall… not that deep of a double meaning, but it is one nonetheless. Wish I had written this in high school, would have upped my mark in history class, and I probably would have got a top mark in the school (darn second place). Yes, I am a huge nerd.”

Nomad’s progressive death metal sound is pretty cool also considering there’s three vocalists all with different styles. Check out the song and playthrough above! We hope you enjoy this and check out the album while you’re at it!

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