A little bit about my crazy self.

Since I wrote a welcome article, I figured I would do one mainly about myself what prog bands I’m into and what influenced me to start this shindig a bit more in-depth than what i slightly touched on in my first article.


I just turned 30, 3rd year homeowner and getting married at the end of July….hooray adulting. Onto the fun stuff…..I started guitar when I was around 12-13ish. My father got me going 2 years on an acoustic then switched to an electric guitar…..my first gee-tar was a Fender telecaster, a Mexican not the pricy American version. I liked how diverse it was (and still is i love ’em compared to strats yes they have great clarity and very stellar I still think teles are well rounded) and still is.  I’d like a killer strat one day but for Fenders i’m always a tele-dude.  My first guitar teacher was Mick Hayes. He’s a ridiculous blues/soul/funkish guitarist with a stellar voice who’s made an amazing name for himself.  I’ll never forget the immature preteen-teen shit he put up from me and everything he taught me.  He was in Atlanta for a bit and moved back to Buffalo for a handful of years now. Words can describe how lucky I was to learn from a local prodigy (who should be arguably playing nationwide in my opinion) although he might disagree. Paul Reed Smith is still by far my favorite company.

My father got me that tele and a fender frontman practice amp being the huge fender fan. My music and guitar/gear obsession only skyrocketed from there.  By my late teens to early 20’s I got into Dream Theater and Rush.  I only was getting into Rush’s hits before  I plunged into the rest of their catalogue.  Dream Theater I was browsing their catalogue when they released Systematic Chaos.  Some people give that record lots of crap, but honestly I think it’s pretty good…..so bah.  I dabbled into King’s X and Symphony X, still do but seldomly….maybe I should change that.  Shortly thereafter my prog/experimental journey continued to Mastodon.  Loved Blood Mountain with all of my bacon grease filled heart, and found out about them when that was released.  Heard the mighty “Blood and Thunder” but not all of Leviathan.  The Wolf is Loose caught my ear big time with that sweet rhythm on the verses and that crazy intro by one of my favorite modern prog drummers (not named Blake Richardson or Matt Gartska) Brann Dailor.  That dual solo in the middle sent me through the roof.


Only about 5-6 years ago I heard about the almighty King Crimson started with Lark’s Tongues thanks to Dream Theater and that crazy cover of theirs. I also have dabbled into the experimental pre-pop versions of Genesis and Yes as well in the same time fame same for Jethro Tull.  Around the same time I picked up a landmark record (of my generation at least) for cheap from that joint Circuit City before they closed….now I read they’re making a comeback? I got COLORS from Between the Buried & Me for like $6 at their closing…..and Alaska for like $10. I heard the title track and since Colors was their latest release I was like why not.  Now put into perspective I was into classic metal, I was used to singing and the heaviest voice at that point I heard was Anselmo, Robb Flynn and Jonathon Davis…..so listening to BTBAM even Randy from Lamb of God was super heavy vocally I couldn’t listen to them for long periods of time.  But fell in love with BTBAM slowly and kept with it…. now Tommy Rogers is one of my favorite vocalists of modern day music.

The first song I heard from Animals as Leaders was Wave of Babies (definitely my favorite AAL jam along with Tooth & Claw and Kascade) I forgot how I heard of them. Oddly enough, they have some happy and upbeat melodies.  I’m a very somber person, and no I’m not depressed I just can’t get into overly excited music generally to me feels like its forced.  Maybe that’s why I love minor keys and chords, dissonance and flats compared to sharps…..and dislike the major keys and chords generally.  I swear, I’m really not depressed.  Same for Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson I don’t remember how I got into him/them and the people that know me I can’t stand pop music and 99% of commercialized stuff……I’ll admit it even on the internet Steven Wilson is a damn near perfect writer and is the one artist I can enjoy even love (tell me “Postcard” from his solo career and “Lazarus” from PT aren’t amazing, I’ll debate you until the day I die!) the poppy and commercial songs he has written in his underrated yet amazing music career.  And yes haters, I did enjoy To The Bone. He did not “sell out” he constantly experiments and there were some proggy moments here and there on that album so shaddup. And yes, i can djent with the mighty Meshuggah for hours. All hail the rhythmic masters of modern extended range prog djent metal.

Now time to try not to put too many paragraphs about Opeth.  I previously stated Ghost Reveries was my first album I heard, and the Grand Conjuration video got me thinking about Opeth. That was when MTV2 had Headbanger’s Ball and would play music…..think that over for a minute.  I loved that Still Life to Ghost Reveries era in terms of their classic element of surprise from switching between singing and growling and all of their mixed styles from one section to another.  I love the dissonance of Deliverance my favorite track with about another 30 behind that song.  Ironically it’s also my favorite record they have released. And yeah, I love their last 3 albums haters.  I love extreme music, but artistically look at it from the fact Mikael has always loved classic rock and prog rock and was in his 40s when Heritage was released. I personally liked Pale Communion and Sorceress as much since they were much easier to get into initially. Opeth was always in for the shock factor the dramatic sound change from Watershed (my second favorite album tied with Ghost reveries) to Heritage. They would play their heavier offerings at rock festivals, and play a few (generally) mellower songs at metal festivals just to throw the crowd off.  One vocalist switching from guttural vocals to singing is a total different strain of your voice and when you grow older you are a lot more susceptible to losing and hurting your voice.  People act like they don’t play material from that era….on an hour set 8 songs or so about 6 are from that era whether you think his gutturals are half assed they’re still playing the tracks sometimes busting out obscure tracks occasionally from My Arms or Morningrise when they have an almost 2ish hour set (I swear i saw a setlist they posted once that had advent, karma or nectar one of those oddball songs they don’t play from that era thats not demon of the fall). It isn’t like they totally ditched that era and predominately play songs from Heritage, PC and Sorcress. I live, breathe and eat Opeth.

Now onto what motivated me to start this bad boy.  As you can tell with my half assed timeline of my 20’s….I gradually got into experimental and prog music as I grew older especially bands that add that awesome death metal element to it ;)….so it was all uphill from there. Now a lot of classic rock and metal bands Priest, Maiden, Megadeth, Sabbath, even Pantera and Slayer are like pop music to me in the sense I have gotten into the deep deep realms of death metal for a handful of years now as well.  Some people think those bands are heavy and I can roll with Dying Fetus or Ingested and be like “I’ve heard heavier”. Along with Valhalla Java (yes my favorite coffee is the blend my favorite guitarist stamped his name and approval on it NO IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ZAKK WYLDE its a damn tasty coffee my favorite player happens to endorse so BLAH!) extreme music generally helps get my groggy ass awake in the morning before work or most days.  And those bands I mentioned earlier in this paragraph yes I owe a lot to their great catalogs that got me into metal, but as talented as they were and are (to the ones still alive and playing at least) its too simple for my quest on finding technical music and more unusual and original. I can quote a decent amount of those bands lyrics rattle off song titles but honestly can say I haven’t really listened to their songs consistently in years. I listened to that stuff a lot in my teens and early 20’s maybe I got bored with it by my mid 20s maybe?  Then Dream Theater and Rush appeared on my plate and started a heavier diet of those 2 then the rest of those bands that got me into metal slowly faded in my music diet.  I’ll still listen to them occasionally but not as much as I used to.  Progressive music is not meant to be mainstream and is generally very artistic. It doesn’t have a formula it’s also very improvised when they write songs. There really isn’t a method to their madness, generally speaking.  Being such a unique genre and pretty much unattractive commercially (especially these days with short attention span who wants to sit through a 15 minute song these days considering your average person) it’s not a real recognizable style of music.  I love those obnoxious epics, it’s like 2 or 3 songs in one…..like that insane transition around the 5 minute mark of Opeth’s Hessian Peel (that’s an artistic goal of mine to write a song as odd as that one!).  It’s almost better to keep progressive style and experimental bands underground or less popular, as a lot of those casual fans in popular music would kill the greatness of the genre. Maybe prog music is kinda like a cult but not? My quest for the obscure, proggy, and unusual music seems to only grow stronger these days.

Also, I’ve been into crazy fusion artist and instrumentalists…. Al Di Meola, Holdsworth, Frank Marino and another crazy players.  Very unusual and a breath of fresh air from the usual Satriani and Vai style instrumentalists as great as those types of players are fusion and experimental prog players are a whole new level.  I’ve gotten into older jazz based on the fact i took a history of jazz class in college.  I do really like this one modern player Gilad Hekselman don’t be a slouch and listen to his music he’s an absolute jazz animal. Tosin from Animals as Leaders talked about him and I’ve been into his work so much for a few years now.  Zakk Wylde took a photo with Al di and looked up who the heck that guy was….then found out quickly. Two of my favorite players introduced me to two players equally as good as them!

Back to my musical talents as I attempt to try to end this babbling post.  I had a bunch of music I wrote in a melodic hard rock style for literally 6ish years I tried many lineups nobody committed no matter how hard I worked I had an album plus worth of material. That’s the beauty and beast of the internet….you can be judged immediately when you put stuff on it. I had some friends and session musicians help achieve my goal, thanks to everyone that did I still appreciate it to this day even if these songs died.  I have great memories and unfortunately lots of money gone yet I’m fairly proud of what I had written over 10 years ago. I had a vocalist at one point who wasn’t the greatest, so take it easy. I wrote the lyrics melodies and guitar. I had ideas for drums and bass, couldn’t play a decent enough bass yet to record and not that coordinated to drum but had an idea of what I wanted. I either couldn’t find the right artists or dumb drama occurred and couldn’t take my couple bands I had a while ago on the stage because of that kind of crap. Take it easy on me, please….lol

Open Heart Surgery

You can easily tell the typical teenage “i hate women theme” but that main riff is fairly heavy.

Keep My Eyes Open you can tell here the prog was influencing me more and more, yo.

Brick Wall this one has a special place in my life it was the first full song I wrote not just bits and pieces of a song or lyrics.

Betrayal I think this might be my best overall track lyrics energy music guitar work and my buddy Eareckson from Cain kicked ass on drums for me. We had pretty good chemistry, I must say.  Amazing drummer, he is.

New Life a short acoustic instrumental i wanted to use as my album opener.

Tribute This wasn’t recorded in a pro studio I had lyrics but didn’t get around to a pro recording. I had lyrics about deceased relatives I missed and the title is obvious it was a, well….tribute.

Star Spangled Banner A Dave with 3 or 4 Heinekens in recording the SSB on a digital portable studio. I remember how frustrated I was with slightly missing the melody being a bit sharp or a bit flat in a few parts and recording it took like 5 hours it was pretty bad. And almost having a 6 pack of Heineken made it a bit more challenging…..

I still have more completed originals, but again….haven’t found the right artists. It happens.

Again, play nice. Enjoy any of my originals or any parts. If not….oh freaking well.

A shoutout to my homies in The Metal who have been posting great slam/death metal and have read some of their stories/interviews that have in turn inspire me to start this. Thank you guys for kicking ass.

A shoutout to Distortion Overload who has a predominate rock following and some metal posts/discussions as well who inspired me to start this in the vein of how clean they keep their page and have tons of in depth discussions without people going down each other’s throats for thinking differently.  Lots of respect for these dudes check them out.

I’m out on a mission to spread the prog and experimental music, hopefully showing people more great music and discovering more on the way.  Also, hoping at the same time I can keep myself motivated to write more music.

I think I’ve babbled enough for one article hope you’ve enjoyed me ramble on about myself and how I got into the prog world and its countless sub genres.


The trainwreck that is Michael Keene.

Michael Keene of The Faceless has recently opened up about his very obvious problems with drug abuse according to this recent article on metal injection. Did it really have to be publicized? Unless you have lost all of your brain cells, all the hints the last few years have gotten bigger and bigger.  Let’s recall a bunch of those moments, shall we?

  • Cancelled string of tour dates in Australia and New Zealand last year
  • The “missing” gear that was an excuse for those cancelled shows which were possibly sold for narcotics
  • The “flight issues” causing to miss most of those shows and scheduled flights
  • Their tour manager immediately dropping out when all of that Aussie ruckus went down…….makes you scratch your head, doesn’t it?
  • Lack of a PR team on their social media, leading to constant message deleting and Keene even insulting his own fans that have purchased music and merchandise to keep his dream alive
  • Last year’s Summer Slaughter Tour…..well we can just leave it at that.
  • More lineup changes than you can even count in the band’s history
  • Speaking of lineup changes…….where the hell is their bass player? What’s with the backing bass tracks at live shows (the ones they show up to)? That’s bush league!
  • The Faceless released “Becoming A Ghost” and has upcoming tech death giants Inanimate Existence kicked off their album release tour due to false accusations of rape concluded through heresy and Keene’s distaste for their marijuana use……that reeks of irony, no?
  • The false accusations of rape were from a psychotic girl Cameron from IE grew up with who’s pulled this stunt before, and told the drummer of the Faceless then ended up kicking them off their tour
  • The fact the current drummer of the Faceless assumed that girl was telling the truth without letting Cameron initially explain his side of the story or even do some sort of research


So……Keene can shoot up all he wants,  smoke as much crack and drink alcohol like water but get pissy over someone’s recreational marijuana use? He takes to social media (remind yourself they have nobody running their pages, and for all you know he could have been higher than a kite) to defend every single one of those instances.  Fans including myself (now former, proudly cancelling my preorder of Becoming a Ghost and showing it on their FB page you can even look at the posts check my screenshots and I also posted a snapshot of listening to Inanimate Existence). I’m pretty sure your fans (whatever ones are left) would be furious at all of these instances of consistently missing a multitude of shows and acting like a child on social media. He isn’t a kid anymore he is in his 30’s, its time to grow up Keene.

Is this where I can throw in the dry joke about Keene of the Faceless trying to save face by admitting his problems? The sad part of this great musician’s downfall is the multitude of talent he wields but the larger ego he doesn’t care to hide.  Check out his interviews…they’re not about the band or whatever poor saps are in his “band” at that moment. It’s all ME, ME, ME. It seems to make sense why so many band members leave sooner than later and he can’t hold a lineup to save his life.


So, what now? He released a new album and is trying to bring back his popularity and whatever reputation he has left back to life.  Again, I doubt he’s even thinking of his current bandmates. Keene now is trying to show a mature and understanding side, vouching music being his outlet to express his struggle with drugs.  The way he has handled himself is absolutely embarrassing.


There’s two very obvious situations that play out.  He falls flat on his face in a pile of snow…….or he mans up and releases greater music in his newfound sobriety.  I would rather see the latter happen and Michael take charge of his life.  He could then continue to write music, show up to the shows that are booked and gain back the trust of his fans? That would take a lot of effort (including myself) to pull off such a feat and convince everyone that would be behind him.


Closely related to this situation is the infamous Blake Judd of his band Nachtmystium.  Blake was in a similar boat but maybe the size of his boat was the Titanic.  He not only robbed his fans of their money for his drug addictions…….but also kept their money and forgot about their orders for I don’t know….like a decade? People never got merchandise or albums they ordered for the longest time because their money was funneled to Judd’s addictions! That caught a lot of heat everywhere and turned into a mess.  The big difference here is Judd brought back his band and was very apologetic.  Unfortunately so far in Nachtmystium’s rebirth it looks like they have only been in California.  He has reached out to fans and publicly stated offering free merchandise and show entry to everyone he has wronged.  Is he perfect? Did he make a mistake? You can’t fault the guy not only apologizing but trying to right his wrongs taking the mature route.  I don’t know how successful he was in this attempt, but anyone who lived in the California area could have some merchandise or a free show entry.  I believe he also had setup an email to deal with those problems and offer refunds.  The fact of the matter of this comparison is Judd admitted his wrongdoings and tried to make it right with his fans.  Maybe Keene should take the same route, and at the same time maybe reach out to Blake and ask for advice.



A former fan of The Faceless


Squatch- Jafar’s Calamari Safari

The second album review by TMR…..is the instrumental trio from Buffalo called Squatch!  I love this band and they’re real cool dudes to boot. Wielding a very unusual, mind boggling and memorable album cover your emotions are thrown all over the place on what to expect and a crazy album title.  You already know you’re in for one hell of a ride when theres a photo of sassquatches using humans like a carousel. It’s very safe to say the cover catches your attention before you even get into the music.

Now for the music……one of the many highlights of Squatch is the undeniable chemistry of their rhythm section of their drummer Collin and bassist Erik.  There’s all sorts of slap bass throughout the album and sweet fills he jams between the thunderous drumming of Collin. The diversity of guitarist Jeremy is appealing playing heavy rhythms at one point that perfectly compliment the trio, and then the next moment seamlessly playing licks and leads smoother than butter itself.

To say there is a standout track would be an insult because honestly the whole album flows start to finish with a bunch of mood changes.  The album is clocked in under a half hour with 7 songs.

  1. The Marshall Tucker Program
  2. It All Starts With Socks
  3. Cold Bodies
  4. Pocket Full of Jebidiah
  5. Pasghetti And Beatmalls
  6. Merry Go Round
  7. Pastrami Nipples

The beautiful thing of instrumental bands is not having lyrics! Also, having random song titles that may or may not have anything to do with the theme.  I mean, these song titles make you laugh right? But then you listen to the heaviness of Squatch and it changes everything.  There are lots of unusual effects supplied by Erik and Jeremy that just totally go with the songs especially in “Pocket Full of Jebidiah”.

To label Squatch would be awfully tough.  According to their website they are a progressive hardcore band.  There are many moments throughout the record they are more than either genre.  There are some funk influences, some parts that remind you of Primus, some that are a bit laid back and cleaner and a couple punk rhythms in some of their songs.  They are a truly diverse trio that specializes in groovy rhythms, and very heavy sections as well.  The guys are not afraid to experiment and I am very excited to hear any new music they are working on and what the future holds for the guys in Squatch.

You can check out the band and their music at the following links:

Squatch website




Forever In Transit- States Of Disconnection

Hello people of the internet.  I have yet another post for you all but in the form of an album review! Forever In Transit is a progressive band of local artist Dan Sciolino.  Prodigy might be an understatement.  The guy can drum (real damn good, I have to say), play bass, play a keyboard like a lead guitar, write lyrics and ALSO dabbles on guitar! What can’t this guy do? Honestly, the sky is the limit for Dan. If you’re into Dream Theater and Haken you will love this album.  Future Mike Portnoy without the ego? That might be a bit of stretch for all we know but this record is worthy of serious consideration outside of Western New York.

The album artwork grabs you right away.  It’s very futuristic and focused on layered shapes. It brings you right to the center of attention near the album title. The background is very cool looking as well, adding to the theme of the album and it’s title.  Quoting Dan himself (via the FIT Facebook page) “The album is an attempt to integrate my biggest musical influences, combining disparate forms of music into a unique sound that represents who I am as a composer. The lyrical themes explored on the album deal with connection— how we relate to one another, the world, how we define our identities and the seemingly arbitrary lines that divide.”  It is a deep album with meaning not just another cheesy or goofy progressive offering.

Well, the music for States of Disconnection is insane to say the least.  You can immediately tell a good chunk of his influences right off the bat.  There are moments of fusion, a bit of world influence, and some video game influences for the gamers out there.  There’s a chunk of harmonies all over the place vocally and musically (between guitar and the keyboards as well) it would take a long time to map them all out.  There’s some very good melodies throughout the journey.

The lineup for the album is as follows:

Dan Sciolino – Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar
David Dickinson – Vocals
Andrew Huefner – Guitar, Bass Guitar
James Jagow – Guitar
Jeremy Schroeder – Guitar
Dave Scibilia – Guitar
Amanda Terragnoli – Vocals


There’s some seriously top notch guitar work on this album which makes guitarists like myself smile ear to ear.  Not only is there plenty of shred in the leads, but there’s lots of feel in the leads.  Too many times there’s lots of generic sweep picking and a race to play as fast as the mighty John Petrucci of Dream Theater.  The gentlemen Dan picked to play guitar on his album did one hell of a job keeping my ears filled with beautiful melodies on their leads, and very good riffs that did not repeat throughout the album.  One great thing I can draw from States Of Disconnection is all the guitar work does not feel repetitive which tends to happen occasionally with some progressive bands.  It’s very diverse and very energetic.

The vocals of Amanda who sang the majority of “Trial By Fire” can not be understated either.  Some vocalists sometimes tend to reach back for way too much but I personally think she did not and added lots of great vibrato that didn’t overshadow the great music. The other vocalist David has an accomplished voice as well.  I have to say I really liked it when he reached back into his gut and put in an energetic yell on “The World That Never Was” (borderline growl for us extreme metalheads) that was equally as heavy as Robb Flynn or Phil Anselmo.  When Dan released that track online and heard it I was thrown off, didn’t expect such a heavy growl it caught me off guard! Both vocalists put in a solid effort and enhance Dan’s music even more.

Dan’s drumming is top notch.  You can’t deny he is one of the best drummers in Western New York.  I initially had the chance of watching him play at last year’s Drummer Showcase at the Evening Star and that’s how we ended up chatting.  He has tasteful fills and very good command of his double bass.  What drew me to his playing was how technical he can get, but knows when to chill out and add some flavor instead of just overplaying to show off. His keyboard playing is so smooth it sounds effortless!  It’s a serious treat and an inspiration to anyone wanting to start drumming look no further than Danny!


Overall I’m extremely impressed with not just the music but art as well. I fully believe a great album needs great art to compliment the music. All around this is a top notch album that needs to get out of Buffalo.  I think it could turn heads if put in the appropriate outlets.  I wish him nothing but the best on his artistic journey and what is next for his band.  One off shows? Forming a band to play his music? Either way you should not slack and buy this album as soon as possible if you’re into experimental and progressive music.


Forever in Transit links:






Best Albums and EP’S of 2017

TMR was founded and started in 2018 which means there’s a bit of catching up to do.  I personally believe there were lots of great releases in 2017 so I won’t be limiting my lists. Here are the best full lengths and EP’S of 2017 in alphabetic order.

Best Full Length Albums of 2017


  1. Al Joseph- All Of Creation
  2. Alluvial- The Deep Longing For Annihilation
  3. Analepsy- Atrocities From Beyond
  4. Angel Vivaldi- Synapse
  5. Arcadea- Arcadea
  6. Arch Echo- Arch Echo
  7. Archspire- Relentless Mutation
  8. Arkaik- Nemethia
  9. Between The Planets- Of Inner Sight
  10. Black Dahlia Murder- Nightbringers
  11. Broken Hope- Mutilated And Assimilated
  12. Chon- Homey
  13. Contortionist- Clairvoyant
  14. Cytotoxin- Gammageddon
  15. Dario Lorina- Death Grip Tribulations
  16. Dark Matter Secret- Perfect World Creation
  17. Decrepit Birth- Axis Mundi
  18. Divinex- Create. Affect. Repeat
  19. Dying Fetus- Wrong One To Fuck With
  20. Dyscarnate- With All Their Might
  21. Echopraxia- Candle Cove
  22. Enslaved- E
  23. Felix Martin- Mechanical Nations
  24. Fractal Universe- Engram Of Decline
  25. Galactic Empire- Galactic Empire
  26. Hideous Divinity- Adveniens
  27. Immolation- Atonement
  28. Inanimate Existence- Underneath A Melting Sky
  29. Incantation- Profane Nexus
  30. Intervals- The Way Forward
  31. Kennedy Veil- Imperium
  32. Last Of Lucy- Ashvattha
  33. Marty Friedman- Wall Of Sound
  34. Mastodon- Emperor Of Sand
  35. Mendel- Oblivion
  36. Ne Obliviscaris- Urn
  37. Nova Collective- The Further Side
  38. NYN- Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt
  39. Oblivion- The Path Towards
  40. Organectomy- Domain Of The Wretched
  41. Pain Of Salvation- In The Passing Light Of Day
  42. Parasitic Ejaculation- Isolation
  43. Persefone- Aathma
  44. Sarah Longfield- Collapse Expand
  45. Scale The Summit- In A World Of Fear
  46. Squatch- Jafar’s Calamari Safari
  47. Steven Wilson- To The Bone
  48. Suffocation- Of The Dark Light
  49. Vinsta- Wiads
  50. Virulent Depravity- Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree
  51. Wintersun- The Forest Seasons


Best EP’S Of 2017

  1. Aborted- Bathos
  2. Among The Sleep- Casket
  3. Cognizance- Ether Of The Void, The Foreboding Impasse (released separately as singles)
  4. Coma Cluster Void- Thoughts From A Stone
  5. Constructs- Shapes
  6. Echopraxia- Pumpkin Palace
  7. Eximpertus- W2246-0526
  8. Ichika- Forn
  9. Incipience- Bloom
  10. Mastodon- Cold Dark Place
  11. Others By No One- Book 1: Dr. Breacher
  12. Scour- Red


Honorable Mentions

  1. Decapitated- Anticult
  2. Act Of Defiance- Old Scars, New Wounds
  3. Fleshkiler- Awaken
  4. Gruesome- Fragments Of Psyche
  5. Narcotic Wasteland- Delirium Tremens
  6. Neck Of The Woods- Passenger
  7. Pestilence- Hadeon
  8. Sons Of Apollo- Psychotic Symphony
  9. The Surrealist- Echo End, Lux, Origami (singles released separately)



2018 Albums To Look Forward To

  1. Obscura
  2. Beyond Creation
  3. Fire Garden
  4. Turning Virtue
  5. Forever In Transit
  6. Between The Buried And Me (technically 2 EP’S)
  7. Alterbeast
  8. Augury
  9. Kataklysm
  10. Ingested
  11. Kamelot
  12. Memoriam
  13. Napalm Death
  14. Rivers Of Nihil
  15. Inferi


As you can see there’s lots of albums I truly enjoyed of many facets this past year.  Way too many solid releases to make a top 30, let alone a top 50 list!  Lots of good extreme metal releases as well. There’s plenty that I’m looking forward to as well that I know of so far to be released in 2018.  Leave your comments, opinions or voices of despair.  Even any releases in 2017 that were great that I did not know of feel free to link anything. Thanks for reading!

As the mighty Archspire says…



Welcome! Inspirations, Influences, Ideas and everything in between.

My personal goal for the Technical Music Review is to prominately  promote bands of the technical death metal, progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion, instrumentalists and instrumental band genres.  Promotions and networking will occur through video and text interviews of local and national (one day, hopefully!) bands and artists, album reviews, concert reviews, and multitudes of different videos.  As an artist and fan I personally enjoy and like bands that have all sorts of stuff going on rather than a simplistic style with generic guitar riffs, lyrics, grooves and very obvious influences.  I like to have a lot my ears can listen to rather than a lot of space in between sections. As seen on our website, my prominent favorite prog band of my generation that got me to dig into the genre deeper past and present is the mighty Opeth.  To me they’re a perfect mix.  The classic era Opeth (Still Life,Deliverance, Blackwater Park, Ghost Reveries) caught me when I saw the music video for The Grand Conjuration. Now I was probably around my early 20’s and was initially into nu metal, 90s hip hop, alt rock and grunge rock some punk before I really branched out to the obscure and experimental big time as I just hit my 30’s. The music video was so messed up and a bit long (5 and a half minutes) with so many mood changes between an odd rhythm constant vocal changing between growls and a whisper layered keyboards instruments tuned to drop D I was in awe and slightly bothered with the creepy video with nasty creatures and a blindfolded man in a wifebeater and slacks it was very unusual. I was even more in awe they made the music video to get some sort of reputation and playtime as I found out the full track is over 10 minutes and 30 seconds! Here’s the video that started my love for this fantastic band…  Opeth- The Grand Conjuration


I love their dynamics between the extreme and mellow or experimental in that era, which initially drew me to the band.  My obsession has only grown more and more throughout the years with them.  Mikael’s blend of extreme metal, folk, jazz, pop, rock, prog rock, acoustics and so many subtle influences throughout their catalog of their 20+ year history has influenced me more and more as an artist and music lover. That has changed recently and Mikael in his mid 40’s is losing his growls and sticks to singing on the last 3 Opeth releases which are still fantastic many people don’t like them because of that  yet they all have been fantastic records (Heritage, Pale Communion and Sorceress). People that aren’t artists may not consider how much it hurts vocalists to growl and sing it’s a totally different strain on your voice. Growling more over the years hurts your singing voice, and I think many people would agree (maturely hopefully) that you would rather see Opeth around for another 20 years rather than end abruptly if Akerfeldt lost his voice by age 40. I have discovered lots of bands because of Akerfeldt as well with the millions of interviews he has done over the years.

I want to give the Opeths, Dream Theaters, BTBAMS, Joe Satrianis and Jeff Becks of the whole world a better shot through exposure, conversation and promotion because we all know there are tons of bands that get so much of the limelight.  My goals are pure and dedicated to bringing great music and hard working artists to the forefront hopefully motivating more folks to dive into greater music and exploration of bands that aren’t on different satellite radios and different syndications that aren’t popular.


I am a guitarist of 20ish years of many styles.  I have written lots of music of different varieties and lately my instrumental band The Binomial Complex I had going that has gone through the ruffling of some feathers right before we were going to record our debut album. It will remain a studio project in the foreseeable future as my buddy moved to Ohio who was our drummer and the bassist quit shortly thereafter.  The two of us will record the album with some friends of mine who play guitar I  plan on having on some spots throughout the album. 2019 is looking as a foreseeable option for our album to being recording. I also have music for instrumental virtuoso music not just for rock and metal but progressive blues jazz and acoustic styles mixed in as well.  I also have this TMR business I want to start so I have a few things keeping me busy artistically until the Binomial Complex can record it’s debut. The B Complex is my most diversified music I have written since I decided a long time ago to be an artist, not a hobbyist.


I hope everyone that gets involved enjoys the website and my opinions not just as a music fan but artistically as well.  Now time for me to work on an article of my favorite releases of 2017.