Fallen Legion Release “Monster Reborn” Music Video

Fallen Legion have released a music video for their song “Monster Reborn”.  This song is from their EP “Downfall” which was released last May in 2018.  If you dig progressive song structures with some intensity and melody Fallen Legion should be in your crosshairs . Check out the video […]


Desert Of The Real

Desert Of The Real is an instrumental 4 piece band that blends progressive/fusion/jazz styles all into their eclectic sound.  I found out about these guys as they randomly followed our Instagram account a while ago, and decided to do an article on these cool cats.  We got caught up […]

Relics Of Humanity- Obscuration

Relics Of Humanity is a brutal death metal band from Belarus who is releasing their EP “Obscuration” shortly on February 22nd through Willowtip Records.  The label constantly strives for quality music, and Relics of Humanity is just that and then some for the death metal crowd.  This band really does […]

Evergrey- The Atlantic

Evergrey released “The Atlantic “a few days ago on January 25th and it’s quite the wild ride.  This melodic progressive metal band has grabbed my attention and gone under the radar for quite some time. Prior to this release there are a handful of other albums, so it’s not […]