Voidthrone “Kur” Album Stream!


Dissonant black metal headbangers Voidthrone are set to release their second LP this upcoming Friday May 4th and have kindly given the world a taste of their upcoming release.  I have promoted these guys ever since I heard about them and damn, they’re pretty good. Shit, they’re opening up for the legendary SATRYICON in two weeks! These guys seriously bring the heat. I hope you enjoy the 24 minutes of insanity brought to you by Voidthrone.


Preorder the album on their band camp website before Friday’s release! I mean, why not for the measly $3 minimum? Oh, and band camp gives more of the money to the band and don’t take all the sales…..so it’s basically direct support. I have and even put forth a few more bucks for the dudes. Music ain’t free folks, support your favorite bands don’t steal their art….especially the smaller guys and unknowns or independents…..such as Voidthrone. Your support would truly mean a lot.



twitter- @VoidthroneBand




Fire Garden- May Band Of The Month



Fire Garden is the featured Band of the month for May! If you have been following along, I let the general public decide who I should feature for the month of May…..starting with 10 bands in the first week of voting, 5 in the second week and then the remaining 3 I let run for over a week.  Damn, does Fire Garden have some relentless and dedicated fans.  They received 26 votes of the 40 placed the final week, Divinex and Inanimate Existence splitting the remaining 14 votes evenly at 7 per piece.  Not even close! So, with the large amount of participation and interest for the site that is barely off it’s feet I was awfully impressed with the voting numbers it was far from a waste of time.  One of the months during the fall, I am going to run another public vote the same exact way.  Congratulations to my friends in FG who are some awfully cool dudes, to boot.

Fire Garden is a progressive rock band from Chicago that is the pride and joy of guitarist/vocalist Zee Baig.  Rounding out his live lineup is guitar wizard Allen Ladis, bass sensation Marc Malitz and drumming expert Bill Kiser.  The band made the trip to the Evening Star Concert Hall last summer with Tiles from Detroit.  Dave from Turning Virtue put on the show and had all 3 bands play the same evening.  The same man also told me about Fire Garden earlier last year before he put the show on in the summer….Davey K has some great ears, folks (that’s a running theme, isn’t it?).  Fire Garden put on an energetic show to close out that evening…..if you ever get a chance do NOT miss their live show!

The band’s first album “Sound Of Majestic Colors” was a great debut album.  It was heavily influenced by Dream Theater and Pink Floyd.  There was a different vocalist that was the gravy on top.  However, on the critically acclaimed follow up album “Far And Near” (that won a barrage of awards for a newer band) was a lot more personal and had Zee’s melancholic and emotional touch on the record.  It also featured him singing lead vocals as well not just the songwriter.  He rounded together an insane group of artists who believed in his vision and music…Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater’s keyboard player), Jimmy Keegan(ex Spock’s Beard drummer), Mixed by Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief) and the Artwork by the infamous Travis Smith (he’s done artwork for countless bands).



Fire Garden was nominated by progrock.com as Chicago’s best band of 2017.  Want some more accolades? Last year the band received a glowing review of Far and Near in Prog magazine (Progressive rock/metal version of Rolling Stone)!  Zee is already working on a a follow up to Far And Near…..which in my opinion is an extremely tough task.  I loved the emotion of the album from start to finish.  Zee’s voice is unique and adds originality to his band that is constantly evolving.  I for one am extremely excited to hear what comes of Fire Garden 3 (I’m just gonna call it that until details are released!).

Fire Garden has a show this month, actually.  They are opening up for Cloud Zero, a band who pays tribute to Porcupine Tree.  If you live near Chicago, the trip will be more than worth it! May 26th @ Q Bar


When the keyboard wizard believes in an artist…..you listen to him.  Check back in all month for everything Fire Garden!








Mick Hayes & Shane Henry 4/21 Imagine Event Center


My first show writeup…..is suprisingly not technical death metal or progressive music! The photos on my phone turned out like crap, so I scavenged social media for better quality photos.  This show was personal to me in a few ways…..my father started me out on guitar as a preteen around 10-12 years old give or take. Then, I took lessons from Mick  Hayes himself before he started to blossom not locally but also nationally who’s acquired many credentials along the way.  Don’t let his humble and respectful attitude fool you, he’s a fine musician. I owe the man an eternal debt for helping me increase my passion for playing guitar and music itself.

The event was not only fun and the Imagine Event Center’s debut show, but also a sad and somber realization of how music has changed.  It costs lots of money, effort and time to put out physical copies of albums.  New age technology has helped people stay in tune with digital versions and streaming services (Boo streaming!) yet steer folks away from buying CD’S. “Medley” is Mick’s last physical CD he is releasing that is a combination of his career so far into 2018 along with a handful of new songs.  He has written and released so much music its a double album! Now lets chat about some fantastic musicians.



Shane Henry came out to Buffalo cross country from Los Angeles for this event! Unfortunately, the rest of his band couldn’t make the trip so he flew in as a solo act playing just himself.  He’s a Blues/Pop/Soul artist with such a clean voice it complimented his music perfectly.  A few days after the show, I popped in his latest album “Light In The Dark” I purchased at the show and it’s definitely a different sound full band compared to just Shane himself.  To be honest, his music sounded as good on an acoustic than the recorded album! It was gritty and raw at times…….packed full of emotion to no end.

He went on to describe his journey quickly between a few songs as an Oklahoma boy moving to Los Angeles as an artist going from a laid back world to a busy place like California. He talks about the struggles of life and the fruits of his labor through his lyrics.  To close out his set, Mick jumped on stage to jam with Shane on his lead single “Save Me” from Shane’s latest album which was one of many highlights of this fantastic evening.

His performance was great and highly suggest catching any of his shows. Please come back to Buffalo soon! We loved you!

You can buy music on Shane’s website and through all of the digital platforms as well.





Onto the main event….Mick Hayes!

He started off playing acoustically on a few of his originals. Mick’s lyrics and performances are always packed full of action and pure, raw emotion…..this included a lot more of that, and then some! Honestly, this had to be one of his career highlights if you ask me.  There were even more treats in store for the evening, as well.  The Friendship Baptist Choir joined Mick for a few songs they recorded with him for “Medley” including “Caroline” and “Get Your Heart Right”.  Man, were their voices ever so beautiful and full of passion. We’re talking 15 to 20 people sang their hearts out, that’s a lot of great voices!

After a couple songs he then brought is band up and cranked out music from every moment of his career.  Mick even moved down south to Atlanta for a few years before returning to Western New York.  He has made friends and connections throughout his musical career from all over the nation.  Mick might tell you different being a humble and grateful artist his voice was on point that evening.

The best way to describe Mick’s guitar playing is robust and entertaining. He puts feeling, emotion and his best foot forward every note and chords he hits.  Mick means what he says and plays, which I wish more artists and guitar players did these days.  The Buffalo blues/funk/soul legend ripped through song by song playing his heart out for this intimate show. He is one of the best things to come out of our small region of New York and am proud to say he’s represented us very well over the years.  His work ethic is extremely impressive, to say the least.

He’s also recently infused some comedy into some of his newest tracks such as “Poor Mans Blues” and “Southern Fried Love Affair”. Most of his newest music is his classic blues rock sound, but still holds onto the funk and soul vibe on his other newest songs as well.  I am just glad he played two of my favorite MH songs “For Realskis” a funk track and “Hard 2 Explain” an experimental and slightly progressive track that reminds you of Robin Trower occasionally.

If you like what you hear, please buy his music and the same can be said for Shane. With Mick discontinuing making CD’S the last remaining copies of “Medley” and his last album “Guitar&B” are still available with what’s left on his website.  If you collect CD’S this is your opportunity before he runs out officially.  You can also buy all of his music in many digital forms, as well.






Let’s also show a little love for Imagine Event Center as well. It’s a beautiful rustic look and beautiful bar to compliment the nicely sized stage as well.  The awesome woodwork on the bar adds a very laid back emotion to their venue.  I can’t wait to check out any other shows they have coming up.  It’s a fresh look to the local music scene here in Western New York and wish them great success in their new endeavor!




Burial In The Sky April 2018 Interview


Burial In The Sky is set to release its killer album “Creatio Et Hominus” on June 1st and figured I could dig up some information about the band and its members for your reading pleasure.


TMR: What’s the story behind your band name and it’s formation?
When I started writing for Burial In The Sky I wasn’t working under that name. I had split off with an old band and started to write for something new. I was approached by a friend who had a band that was looking for a guitarist. Burial In The Sky was initially going to be called Malignant Narcissist. We ended up going separate ways due to different visions of what the sound would be. 
I started writing alone for a while. Eventually, Will came into the mix and we started working together again. We struggled a while with what we would call the project. Then one day it happened. Will showed me my first Sky Burial. It was amazing. Thus we named ourselves Burial In The Sky. 
The name Burial In The Sky comes from a Tibetan ritual where the body of a recently deceased loved one is dismembered and laid out so that sacred vultures can come and pick the body clean. Through the eyes of some Western thinking people it may seem a bit intense but in all reality it no different than cremation or something of that matter.  In a sense, it is truly giving what is left of you back to the Earth. I was enamored by it. 
TMR: How has the band changed since Zach arrived on bass since kicking ass on the latest Rivers of Nihil album? 
Zach has been such a vital member of BITS since he came into the mix. All of my bandmates are very thoughtful, talented, and interesting players. I am lucky to be surrounded by such class acts. Zach specifically has opened up an entirely new map of sonic avenues for the band. 
TMR: What was it like working with the mighty Samus Paulicelli? I love Decrepit Birth!
Samus was a super professional guy. Always happy and receptive. He was awesome while working with us on the dynamics of certain parts and structurally what we were after while recording “Persistence of Thought” back in 2016. I have nothing but great things to say about him.
TMR: Pretty cool to see Brody take a guitar lead on the amazing title track “Creatio Et Hominus”. Must be cool to be buds with one of the most underrated progressive death metal bands in the scene right now……..you guys would totally make a great opener on a tour with them, just saying.
We were super stoked to have Brody play on the record. He was nice enough to take time out of his very busy schedule to play on the track. It meant a lot. I am sure I can speak for all of us in BITS when I say I’d love to see that tour happen haha. You will be able to catch us playing with them in Reading, PA on 7/19 though! 
TMR: That’s a beautiful looking custom guitar you got made for you James……want to expand on the features and story of how that came to be? Love the whammy bar and natural woodwork on that! 
I could probably go off on this for a while but I’ll try to keep it to a little less than a novel. 
We are calling the guitar the C.Masta6. It is handcrafted by the phenomenal, almost otherworldly, luthiers at Stone Wolf Guitars based out of the U.K. They were willing to put so much into this machine and make it as ergonomic as possible. We started working together on a custom build for myself just under a year ago. I’m going to be putting together an entire video breakdown of the guitar before we start to play out again in June. Mike and all the guys at Stone Wolf really outdid themselves. Some of the notable specs would be Bare Knuckle ColdSweats, coil tap, 5 piece neck, Ebony fingerboard, custom wooden knobs, pale moon Ebony top and inlays, lumilay side markers, and the headless design. Truly a work of art haha. 
TMR: Any upcoming shows the rest of the world needs to know? Plans for worldwide domination?
We have a tour in July with the awesome dudes in Crucial Rip. I mentioned the Rivers show on 7/19. Some others in Philly and NJ. Plus a lot more in the works at the moment. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to stay updated and catch us in a city or town near you this summer. Most importantly contact us if you want us near you so we can try for your area! 
TMR: Bands like you guys…..Coma Cluster Void……Voidthrone……are really underrated and underappreciated bands. Bands willing to go against the grade and create real original music…..music that can’t be rehashed. What’s primarily motivated you guys to blend so many genres into one band? What has made yourselves want to experiment so much and not want to be another 4/4  band with 10 tracks an album averaging 3-minute song lengths and get radio play? 
BITS has direction but I have never personally tried to confine it. I truly love music that makes you feel like you are on an adventure of some kind. I’ve always wanted BITS to entertain people yet invoke a plethora of emotions as they listen through a record. That is really the only inspiration. Writing music that we enjoy hearing. 
TMR: What is everyone’s musical background?
Sam and Zach played metal together for a long time. Prior to BITS they were in a band called Burn The Empire which is how I came to know both of them. They also lived and studied music together at West Chester University. I was always self-taught until 17/18 where I took a crash course with a local playwright from my area named Vic Borris. I then went off and studied music for some time at BU and eventually ended up focusing more on playing out. 
TMR: Death Metal or Grindcore?
That is a hard pick. I would have to say Death Metal though just for genre loyalty. 
TMR: To Djent or not to Djent…..that is the question.
If you want to Djent you should follow your dreams. You should play/listen whatever makes you happy! 
TMR: Sorry or Trouble? Both are classic board games…..
Trouble all the way.
TMR: What do you guys do when you’re not involved in Burial In The Sky? Any unique hobbies?
I really enjoy cooking. Especially with guests. Having friends over and making a nice meal they can enjoy is always a great time. 
TMR: Kitties or Puppies?
Hard choice but I got me a puppy so I’m gonna stick with that. Puppies all the way. 
TMR: Link anything here that you do outside of Burial In the Sky whether it’s musical or not. Thanks for your time guys! Congratulations on an amazing album!
I also play in a noisy/shoegaze poppy type of band called Noise Is Everything Else. If that sounds like something you could get into go check us out at 
Burial In The Sky’s James Tomedi comments on Creatio et Hominus:
“We want people to feel certain things that sometimes can’t be as easily expressed with the extreme side of music. We focused a lot more on the psychedelic, progressive, and atmospheric sides to the band to help evoke those emotions. From the perspective of composition, we really wanted people to be able to just enjoy this record. We tried to make it a good balance of accessible yet sonically complex and intriguing.

Conceptually, it travels into the world of perception becoming the creation of all life. The thought process is the way we perceive things guides own personal reality. So in a sense, our world is our own. The way that you see it could be vastly different than me. With this record, we take the stories of great thinkers, mathematicians, inventors, activists, etc to try and paint an entire picture of life and all its small yet beautiful nuances through the way these people perceived it.”

Preorder “Creatio Et Hominus” right here! It’s also available to preorder on iTunes if you’re picky about your platforms and other various digital services as well.  You can also check out the band’s single from their upcoming album “The Pivotal Flame” just below here.
Burial In The Sky band photo_preview

Graham Young- A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man


Progressive Instrumentalist Graham Young has recently released a full length album “A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man”. Why is he a unique instrumentalist? Young isn’t a shredder…..he plays fast sometimes as a guitarist, but seeks for lots of melodic guitar leads and emotion.  It shows throughout his latest release with flying colors. Why shouldn’t he be bundled with the millions of guitarists that write instrumentals? Graham is very keen to writing songs, and not shred-a-thons.  What I mean by that translated to English is he has heart and soul.  He looks at his songs and music as a whole…..lots of heavily layered tracks and lots of effort was put into writing this album.

Young’s music is very experimental, moody, slightly heavy….and also a genre crosser that appeals to a wide range of fans younger and older.  He has really cool and flashy moments that bring back memories for you instrumental fusion proggers of the late Allan Holdsworth and John McLaughlin as well.  He has added lots of keyboard and synthesizer parts throughout his album, as well.  His layered clean tracks are heavily rooted in reverb, delay, chorus, flange and various effects that add huge psychedelic hints too reminiscent of the 1970’s music scene.  I think I even heard some electronic xylophone at one point!

Young’s music has impressed me on many levels as a fellow guitarist and writer. His music is a big reason why TMR exists and strives to promote artsy music whether its very technical or very underground or independent.  A lot of these great artists need the help, exposure and respect of fellow artists and music lovers out there.

You can purchase his latest album digitally and physically at his bandcamp, among his other releases as well. Help keep your favorite artists around, we don’t do this stuff for free ya know.



Widow’s Peak- Graceless EP Album Stream



Technical Death Metal Beasts Widow’s Peak released their EP “Graceless” today.  I just heard of these guys and hot damn did they impress me. I’ve probably heard “Graceless” 3-4 times through already. When Dying Fetus grows old and can’t shred anymore these guys can help maintain the next great wave of tech death bands. Blistering guitar, blast beats, insane vocals and great drumming are everywhere on Graceless. A relentless 6 song EP makes you want much more. Sink your teeth into this tech trip of insanity and buy this beast while you check out their latest release.


Voidthrone April 2018 Interview



I’m doing a crap ton of interviews lately…..get used to it! Anyways I have the dissonant black metal badasses Voidthrone on tap for my latest piece. “Kur” is a killer album that is arriving May 4th, which is very soon……preorder the album on their bandcamp right meow. It’s a great album….I wouldn’t mislead you. Well, here it is. We hope we didn’t bore you but in fact entertain you. Hail Voidthrone!

TMR: What influenced the band to create such unusual music? I’m awfully interested, it being such an original sound.

Ron: I have a day job that involves a lot of structure, order, and methodical, deliberate planning. Writing music that was improvised, strange, and original is a great contrast to my work and very freeing. Also, I have never learned any cover songs, so my guitar style may have benefited somewhat from the Galapagos Island effect. Also, we take our time with writing. Since most of our riffs come from improvising during jam sessions, we have to be comfortable coming to practice and after 2 hours produce nothing salvageable!


TMR:  How did the band come to be?

Ron and Josh started playing together in the Fall of 2015. After several months of unscrewing ourselves and getting the makings of two songs down, the band grew. Everyone in the band was recruited on Craigslist, which is pretty popular on the West Coast of the USA. The only exception is Zhenya, our new singer who found us on facebook once Dan, our old singer (and he IS old. And bald!) had to move to California.
Tryouts were strange and somewhat interesting. One guitarist showed up and was basically expecting to jam on Pantera and Prong or something. About 45 disastrous minutes later, he stopped us and said, “I should probably go.”


TMR: How was the name Voidthrone conceived?

The original name was going to be Rotfeast, but that was a stupid idea. It sounds like a 90s death metal cover band name. Voidthrone was Josh’s idea. As it turns out, the word “Void” has exploded in popularity so maybe we will change our name to Feasthrone or Thronethrone.
…On second thought, we will probably keep Voidthrone because we already have merch made and the logo is cool.


TMR: What made the band want to experiment with such unique instruments like the Thai flute and Phin?

Ron’s wife is Thai and she gave him the three stringed instrument called the Phin to experiment with. It is a very particular instrument and is mostly found in northeast Thailand and Laos.

Ron: I am going to keep messing around with the Phin to see what opportunities it opens up for incorporation into metal.
As far as the flute and “ao”, which is a stringed instrument played with a bow, we met some thai musicians who were temporarily living in the Olympia, WA area working at a buddhist temple. There is probably a lot more exploration that could be done with this, but we only had them over to record music for an evening. I don’t think they had ever heard metal like this before, but they liked it and had fun. There was a very, very silly flute part that we recorded for Phantasm Epoch, but it was so silly that it completely deflated the song like a pin popping an inflated tire. It sounded like a song bird whistling at the heaviest moment, the break in the middle when Zhenya goes “blech”. Then this happy silly whistle. Hilarious to me, but ultimately just seemed forced.


TMR: How is Spiritual War Tactics different from your upcoming album Kur?

In a few ways. One, Kur’s songwriting was a little more “song-oriented” and less riff-oriented like in Spiritual War Tactics. We probably paid more attention to emotion and movement in the songs. Secondly, we actually had a real mastering engineer master Kur. Ron mastered SWT himself. You can probably hear the difference! Kur has a fuller sound and is less fatiguing to listen to. Lastly, we have a new singer, Zhenya, who has a very different style from Dan, our previous singer. It gives everything a very different feel.


TMR: How did the songwriting evolve for Kur?
Mac: As a guitarist coming into a band with an existing guitarist, I didn’t want to be a soloist. Instead, I wanted to embellish the stuff Ron wrote. Writing the beginning of Kur was the point where I finally understood what Voidthrone needed sound-wise. That was when Ron and I started to write in a point/counterpoint style where every part one of us wrote was complemented by the other. Instead of taking the typical ‘lead guitarist plays the high parts’ and ‘rhythm guitarist plays only rhythm’ playing/writing approach, we organically shift our roles.

Josh: Dissonance and psychedelia was a focus. We had drive to create more dissonance than Spiritual War Tactics. We wanted to build on what we had already released; make it weirder. The more we played together, the more we figured out how to accomplish these goals. Including Mac and Austin in the songwriting process was a huge step up from doing it solely between Ron and me.

Zhenya: I can’t speak for the writing of Spiritual War Tactics. For Kur, I channeled the mindstate of me a couple of years ago when I went off my rocker for a hot minute. Writing and playing with Voidthrone is an emotionally exhausting endeavor. Delving beyond the veil feels like I’m scratching open old, festering wounds.


TMR: Any plans for playing shows?

Zhenya: Since lyrics and screaming is a pretty damn easy aspect of metal compared to the actual instrumentation, my efforts go into the performances we take part in. It’s my intention to make every show we do entertaining, exhausting, and enigmatic. I have been enjoying making the typical black/death metal performance style my own- the most recent addition to the live repertoire is the use of black lights and photo-reactive body paint that I smear over my black-and-white-and-blood visage. That’s not to say that what I do is all that original, of course! In any case, the more we play, the more chances I have to try new things, and the better we get!


TMR: What music are you guys into? What new releases is everyone looking forward to in 2018?

The wonder of discovering music, new and old, is hard to beat. The digital frontier is rife with renowned artists that we hadn’t yet encountered (Zhenya was recently exposed to Igorrr and, boy, is that his jam nowadays) and new musicians in various stages of starting out (so so so many excellent local acts that we’ve been blown away by). Some of the bands we’re excited about/have enjoyed in the very recent past: Pig Destroyer, Noceur, Slayer, Rabitrup, Igorrr, Orator, Iron Monkey, Empyrean. There are countless others, of course.


TMR: What are your opinions on the rising popularity of extended range instruments? There’s plenty of pros and cons, if you ask me.

Ron: I play a 7 string, fanned fret Ibanez guitar. For me, it was just time to grow up and “put on my big-boy pants” and stop playing 7 string tuning on my 6-string. The intonation is much, much better, the string tension more even, and in the case of the fanned frets, it is actually easier to play. I see no real downside to playing the 7 string, especially since we have always played in B. For now, I don’t think playing lower than B would make sense for Voidthrone’s music, so we probably won’t be djenting any time soon.


TMR:Double Bubble Gum or Big League Chew?

Mac: Mints!


TMR: Provide any links here for any of your personal endeavors outside of your band and any projects outside of Voidthrone.

Mac: I wanna start a funk band with Austin.


Clearly Voidthrone and I have colorful senses of humor….I think we understand each other. Maybe?

Check out a recent show the band played this year right below here and don’t be a fool and support this cool ass band right now.

Voidthrone band photo_preview


Matter of Planets April 2018 Interview


Matter Of Planets is an instrumental progressive rock/metal band from Ohio that has finished a follow up to their technical, intricate and smashing debut album “Ballad Of Baberaham”.  I recently had a conversation with the drummer Joel about the band amongst other things. Their new album “Somewhere Out Among The Stars Is Home” drops Friday, don’t miss it fools. Stay updated!


TMR: What’s the meaning behind your band name?

I originally came up with the band name when I was in Michigan many years ago visiting my Dad right after a terrible motorcycle crash. I was looking for something positive in a name, in a meaning. Light, cosmic, universal, but solid and grounding. Matter of Planets almost literally means “As a matter of fact, we are all made of Stardust” Thanks Carl Sagan!
TMR: Any information on your new album “Somewhere Out Among The Stars Is Home”  you want to share?

The last album was us figuring out how to be this band and how we were going to take our previous material and adapt it to our new form (we had a vocalist once upon a time but don’t tell anyone). The new album is definitely us very much at home with who we are now. What we are now. There’s less traditional song structures, more timing changes and multi-movement songs. Varying song length. More focus on the narrative and sonic exploration. It’s also the first time we’ve been in the studio with Roger on bass.

TMR: What are your personal favorite albums of all time and any newer releases as well?
My personal favorite albums are:
TOOL – Aenima

The Blood Brothers – …Burn, Piano Island, Burn

Converge – Jane Doe

Aesop Rock – Labor Days

Fugazi – 13 Songs

The Party of Helicopters – Space, and how sweet it was

Bad Religion – Process of Belief

BTBAM – Parallax II: Future Sequence

The Hot Snakes – Suicide Invoice

Godspeed, You! Black Emperor – Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas

Beastie Boys – Ill Communication
NAS – Illmatic
N.E.R.D – Fly or Die
Deftones – White Pony
Radiohead – O.K. Computer

I don’t know. There are so many. I come from a jazz background where my love for Big Band runs deep. I think that the early 2000’s should be known as the Golden Era of Underground Hip-Hop (Rhymesayers, Def Jux, Living Legends). Wu-Tang FOREVER!

Husbandry from Brooklyn put out the best release of 2017 with their E.P. Bad Weeds never Die. I hope that works for you.

TMR: How did you all get started as musicians?

I started playing and jamming with folks in my late teens. Didn’t get into a serious band until 2004. Joe has been in punk bands forever, pretty sure we all got started as kids in school or in our teens.

TMR: How was the recording and writing process different than your first full length “Ballad Of Baberaham”?

It was a very similar process. Different studio, bass player, and songs but other than that it was close. Well….kinda. Andy Sartain was still in the control booth but Oranjudio provided a very different environment than Electraplay had. Bigger room, different toys, a grand piano (that shows up on the record more than once). But, like last time, we were very well rehearsed, knew what we were doing before we got there, and only spent a few days recording. The songs were honed over 2 years at least so when we get in there, we bang it out.



TMR: Chicago or New York City style Pizza?

Pat’s Cheese steaks.

TMR: What band would you guys love to play a show with currently?

And So I Watch You From Afar would be amazing! I’d take Baroness, Torche, Lizzard Wizzard, Rosetta, or Russian Circles are also choice picks.

TMR: What led Matter Of Planets to being instrumental rather than just another metal/prog band? Your band’s sound is like no other.

Gosh..It’s all the different influences. I love love prog and metal but sometimes they just aren’t any fun. We really want to have fun. It has to keep us interested as a whole, we play what we want to hear I think. That’s probably why it comes off so ADD and crazy. But at the end of the set, when I feel like I’ve run a marathon, it feels pretty damn good.

TMR: Intimate shows are the best….the only show I saw of yours was here in Buffalo at a house show. I love those types of shows, or small ones in general where you can talk to the band afterwards and have an actual interaction rather than feeling so far away. I’m not crazy for stadium shows and sold out shows.

Intimate shows are the best. I want to connect with the band/artist. I want to feel what they feel and vice versa. But there is something to be said about the vibe of a large venue too.

TMR: What are your opinions on music theory? Some artists love it and hate it.

Music theory to me is like many other things, a tool. It’s something to have in your arsenal that enhances your playing and songwriting. Do I find it tiresome when a band is overly technical? Yes. Do I think that musicians can become mired in theory at expense of the music? Yes. But on the other hand, when people want to shit on extraordinarily talented and technically gifted musicians, it makes me crazy!! That has to come from a place of jealousy and it’s sad. Just cause it’s not your think does not make it bad.

TMR: What tour or festival would your band love to play on one day?We are such a festival band.

All of them. Austin City Limits, SXSW, Pitchfork, Bunbury, Maryland Deathfest or Doomfest, big, small, national, local, whatever. I’m working on one for Columbus. I don’t know if I’d ever really want to do a big tour like Mayhem or Slaughter though. I just want to tour and play killer shows, make new friends, meet new people, see places, experience life. It’s a good time. Sometimes we are lucky enough to be able to tour with our friends and that’s a treat.

TMR: What are some of your favorite pieces of gear recording or instrument wise past and present? 

When we recorded the last album I played on a 14″x6.5″ DW Collector’s Series snare drum. I went and bought immediately after. Blake plays this awesome Yamaha SG. We play with the same stuff on tour that we record with and we’ve all spent some serious money and time over the years putting together rigs that we really like and help us craft the sounds we want.

TMR: Any endeavors you guys have outside of Matter of Planets please link here whether its music related or not.

Thanks man!



Jollymon- Void Walker song premeire



Melodic Stoner Rock Band Jollymon is releasing Void Walker On June 8th.  We have a melodic, sludgy, heavy release for you all.



Pretty cool…..right? It’s kinda like Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Clutch got drunk and had a child. But, it was not a mistake! This is a gritty, melodic band with relentless riffs and killer rhythms that make you want more. John’s guitar playing is very eclectic….all kinds of mood changes and great guitar leads that should make you wear your seat belt while driving.

Mark and Carey’s chemistry in the rhythm section on the Drums and Bass respectively add a lot more flavor to Jollymon.  Carey also has some cool occasional vocal effects that make their music spacey, if ya know what I mean.

Enjoy the track folks. Expect more when their album drops June 8th.





Infinitee- The Possibilities Are Endless Album Stream


I present you the official album stream for Infinitee’s The Possibilities Are Endless. Have to say it was an honor listening to this before release day.  You can check out my Infinitee- The Possibilities Are Endless album review for my opinions on this masterpiece. Yeah, I said it…..it’s a masterpiece.

Enough of my blabbering, let’s get down to business.  I hope you enjoy this album, as does Tres.




Tres Thomas will definitely give you that sad look if you don’t buy his album, as will I.

The Possibitlies Are Endless is available on digital platforms to purchase. Don’t be a bum and purchase this album after you listen to the stream. I want him to be able to afford to keep creating this cool instrumental insanity…..as should everyone else!