Voidthrone to release sophomore LP “Kur” in May


Voidthrone is a dissonant blackened death metal band that is geared up to release its second album on May 4th.  A short album preview was just released for your listening pleasure.  Upon listening I’m very intrigued being into dissonance and creepiness I think this will be a very fun and moody album.


The band is hoping to top their debut “Spiritual War Tactics” and gain serious ground with “Kur”.  There should be a full track ready in a few weeks, hopefully.

Kur Tracklisting
1. Modern Hellfire
2. Kur
3. Phantasm Epoch
4. Their Recursive Communion

Voidthrone is:
Ronald Foodsack (ex-Obnoxious) – Guitar, Phin (Thai stringed instrument)

Mac Boyd (ex-Dad Jazz) – Guitar

Joshua Keifer (ex-A Flourishing Scourge) – Drums

Austin Schmalz (Phorusrhacidae, ex-Topless Pit) – Bass

Zhenya Frolov (MCMJ) – Vocals


Augury- Illusive Golden Age

Augury Illusive Golden Age cover art_preview


Augury is a Canadian Technical Death Metal band that is releasing its 3rd album tomorrow March 30th.  The band partnered up with Metal Injection to stream their album today before its official release.


Augury have outdone themselves with Illusive Golden Age.  They are a great band who deserves a lot more respect in the metal genre.  The album is one of the top releases of the year for a million reasons.  It’s definitely the peak of the band’s career so far…..I think it would take a lot to overdo this album on their next release.

The band’s soaring harmonies don’t get lost in an extremely heavy offering. Dominic Lapointe’s bass playing shines throughout the album as it did when he was in Beyond Creation in the past.  Patrick and Mathieu’s guitar playing is equally as impressive throughout Golden Illusive Age.  Antoine’s drumming is very, very entertaining throughout this masterpiece.  He can easily hold down a beat, then go all out crazy the next section.  There’s many great drum fills I enjoyed that made my limbs feel extremely sore just listening to them…..It’s out of this world great.

Augury is:
Patrick Loisel – Vocals, Guitars
Mathieu Marcotte (Humanoid) – Guitars
Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (First Fragment,  ex-Beyond Creation) – Bass
Antoine Baril (Contemplator) – Drums

Patrick’s vocals also add quite a black metal feel to many of their sections as well.  It’s very obvious the band has outdone itself on Illusive Golden Age and only makes you wonder what else is in store for the band after this amazing release.

In regards to the band itself, I conducted an interview with them don’t forget to check it out.  It happened to be the first scheduled interview I had completed, with 2 more on the way.  It was a landmark for TMR and is only the start of many great things for the website.

Augury- March 2018 Interview


Augury has come a long way from their first two albums Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence. As solid as the first two albums are, I also prefer Golden Illusive Age production wise. I think its spectacular! It is leaps and bounds better than the first two production jobs…..what I enjoyed the most is its very clean and not muddy at all.  The mix is great, nothing is left out between the several layers of guitar tracks bass drums and vocals.  Nothing overpowers in any of the songs which is what many producers and bands tend to aim for.



Augury_2018 Pic1_preview



Turning Virtue Full Interview!


Now for all who have been waiting for the full 1 hour and 20 minute interview…..or all zero of you, well here she is! It took a lot of hard work, dedication and effort to put this together in many aspects…..we really hope everyone enjoys the interview and checks out Turning Virtue.

Many thanks go to the man who made this look real good…..Davey’s cameraman Mike who has done some of their shows has made us look real good in the process and worked hard at getting this out for the website and Turning Virtue.  I couldn’t personally feel any more grateful and happy for this opportunity and hope the rest of the world feels the same.



Part 3 of the Turning Virtue Interview.




There were some margaritas involved at one point in the whole process…..now here’s two more clips taken during the segment with alcohol 😉

We’re friendlier and more outgoing when we have some alcohol in us…..we hope you enjoy our goofiness.  The full interview will be posted soon. Enjoy our chopped up segments until then.



Unflesh- Bestowal Of Decay Track premeire



Unflesh- Bestowal Of Decay

Technical Death Metal shredders Unflesh have unmasked the first single from their debut full length album “Savior” titled Bestowal Of Decay.  This band really has a great crushing and technical sound that sooner than later will put them alongside genre greats Obscura and Beyond Creation.  The band released an EP in 2016 “Transcendence To Eternal Obscurity” with the mighty Hannes Grossman on drums (Akaloid, Ex Obscura).


Unflesh is:
Ryan Beevers (Solium Fatalis) – Vocals and Guitars
Chris Dovas (Seven Spires) – Drums
Peter De Reyna (Seven Spires) – Bass
Chris Gardino (Pathogenic, Wolfsmyth) – Guitars


Pre-order “Savior” here:



Æpoch- Awakening Inception song premeire

Æpoch band photo #1_preview

Awakening Inception (feat. Enrico Di Lorenzo of Hideous Divinity)

Remember Tabula Rasa? Well, the title track of Æpoch’s upcoming debut full length is as crazy as the first song.  The band has an unlimited amount of potential.  Now lets remember this band is very new……they have perfectly crafted their own sound to the point it’s like they have been around for a few decades already.  On top of their matured songwriting, they tapped Hideous Divinity’s vocalist to make a guest appearance on the track as well.

 Æpoch Fretless Bassist/Vocalist Brett MacIntosh has this to say about the band’s debut album:
“This album is a large step forward for us, although most of the songs were started during the time of writing our ‘Æpochalypse’ EP (2015 release) as well, we have had more time to refine them. We are completely satisfied with this effort and hope the fans will enjoy what we have to offer. Awakening Inception as a whole is very dark. There’s no single concept to it, but it is generally anti-human in focus. Touching on topics such as misanthropy in” Burn Them At The Stakes”, to night terrors/sleep paralysis in “Awakening Inception”, to space and science to mental illness in “Delirium Of Negation”. “Serenity Of Non-Existence” is even about an out of body experience I had when I was younger.”

This album is slating up to be one of the most unheard of releases of the year…..and extremely shattering. It’s very tough to build up attention and gain the respect of your peers as a musician especially in such an unusual and artistic genre.  I fully believe Æpoch will turn heads and kick ass with their debut album that will be out in a few weeks on April 13th.  One thing is for sure…….the band has made their mark with a very impressive debut full length.  Let’s hope the rest of the world sees this in the same light.


Pre order “Awakening Inception” now!

Part 2 Preview of Turning Virtue Interview.

Davey’s advice for young artists.

Hey people of the interwebs.  Here is another preview of the 90ish minutes of material we shot for the interview.  Friday there will be more material posted that will be more entertaining and showcase our fun side 😉

At one point in the very near future the whole 80-90 some minute interview will be posted in full, we are genuinely chopping up that huge piece into a handful of previews and sections for now.

In the meantime, enjoy this more serious clip and anyone who is “Dreamin'” (to quote the band!) and take the man’s advice!



Rivers Of Nihil- Where Owls Know My Name…..Best of 2018?



Rivers of Nihil has been an underrated force in death metal in the modern age.  Their last album “Monarchy” was a modern day death metal masterpiece with sweet artwork to boot. What makes the Pennsylvania natives stand out more and more is their lack of concern what people think of their music.  R.O.N is out to make very obscure music in a fairly repetitive genre.  What makes “Where Owls Know My Name” a top release in my eyes very early in 2018 is their increased willingness to experiment……leading off, heavy use of saxophone throughout the album.  Yeah…..a big instrument in Jazz music used in death metal. Tacky, right? Not even close! It’s used perfectly to omit the greatest mood changes throughout the songs on the album.  Background instrument? No way, man. We’re talking about up close and personal….saxophone leads!

What else does their latest album also offer? Jake Dieffenbach sings on “Where Owls Know My Name” as well! The band’s first two albums were primarily growled, but the band threw some great curveballs for their third full length.  Andy from Black Crown Initiate (another grossly underrated progressive death metal band) sang lead vocals on the title track, as well.  This also marks the band’s new drummer Jared Klein as his first album he’s recorded with the band.  Guitarist Brody shines on this album as bright as the sun itself…..it’s awfully tough to put his efforts into words.

There’s also some occasional trumpets and acoustic guitars scattered throughout the album as well……..and even some keyboard/synthesizer parts as well.  Don’t let all of these experimental ideas and non traditional death metal elements turn anyone away.  The album is still plenty heavy for any metalhead no way has the band ditched its death metal roots.  The album has flawless production, as well.  I swear it checks every single box off on what was expected, and then some.


The latest band photo was shot near a river….. No really, it was.


Rivers of Nihil delivers quite possibly the coolest and most complete album of 2018. I can’t say how happy I am the great coverage this album has gotten so far….this band has flown far under the radar for so long its about time people have woken up.  The album art is freaking amazing as well. I love unusual and creepy covers. There’s also some occasional electronics which weren’t prevalent before. “Where Owls Know My Name” is just perfect on every level……there is absolutely no weaknesses.  The worst part of the album is when its over…..good thing there’s the repeat option.

After you listen to the whole album buy the sonofabitch.