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Torture Rack- Primeval Onslaught

Torture Rack is releasing their full length album “Primeval Onsalught” this Friday June 9th. Torture Rack is a project featuring members of Skeletal Remains, Witch Vomit and Aenigmatum. Considering the talents in this band I had absolutely no choice but to check out this release. Also it’s a 20 Buck Spin band, so with my bias I’m bound to enjoy it and I surely did. Do you like your death metal heavy, fast, and to the point with zero filler? Torture Rack’s “Primeval Onslaught” is right up with with it’s ripping riffs, rhythms and guitar solos. It’s all jammed into under 30 minutes around 28 minutes over 10 tracks. The vocals and drumming are absolutely on point, furious and brain melting. I love this brand of death metal, as it’s a nice nod to the old school but a bit different for 2023.

 As previously witnessed on” Barbaric Persecution” and “Malefic Humiliation”, the band’s upcoming album” Primeval Onslaught” continues that bloodstained legacy, with a barrage of meat-torn-from-bone riffs and greased-flesh savagery. Death metal for degenerates and desecrators might be the proper way to characterize Torture Rack’s uninhibited slaughter. This sort of derangement doesn’t care about some rational spin or greater purpose that might be found to rationalize its existence. Its goal is only to smother out a victim’s life, bury the body in the backyard and venerate the carnage. Torture Rack’s songwriting and intent on “Primeval Onslaught” has been tightened like a garrote, filling each track with meathooks into the skin and precise, constant battering, rarely eclipsing the four-minute mark. And like the most successfully persistent maniac, it’s in and it’s out before there’s been time to comprehend the pile of bodies left in its wake.

20 Buck Spin recently dropped the album stream ahead of Friday, so you can check out this album before it drops. If not, then you’re old school and we totally understand your point. It’s only in a few days anyways so the wait isn’t that long. Torture Rack is putting out a stellar death metal album that’s so grimy it’s good. “Primeval Onslaught” takes you back to the glory days of death metal. Not many newer bands can achieve such feats and this band shouldn’t be ignored within the masses of death metal releases.

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