Try Something New Thursday 3-28-19

Hello everyone! We hope you enjoy another whacky and diverse batch of new music to listen to! Check out our past editions here before you go any further. MATTER OF PLANETS Ohio’s own Matter Of Planets wooed me with their appearance at The Lair a couple summers ago with their instrumental insanity. […]

Embludgeonment- Barn Burner

New Jersey’s Embludgeonment is releasing exactly what their album title suggests, a “Barn Burner”.  Comatose Music is one of the best extreme metal labels right now, and this stellar release is just even more proof for this blossoming record company.  “Barn Burner” will officially be out on April 19th of this […]

The Gospel of Tech Death: II

I think it’s pretty well established who the “Big Four” are. But like, aren’t they all thrash bands or something? Well whatever. I think for this Gospel, I’d like to go through a few candidates for the “Big Four” of techdeath. I also think that it’s pretty safe […]

Accursed Spawn- The Virulent Host

We have another killer Canadian death metal band on deck for you guys! Man, does some great music come out of the country….cheers to our metal brethren in the North! Accursed Spawn’s debut album “The Virulent Host” is a mind bending no nonsense death metal record.  It has blistering guitar […]

Chromadrive Self Titled Album

Chromadrive is a great band that makes impressive music.  These guys bring a whackier sound to the fusion game, and I dig it.  I love how upfront the saxophone is, and it only adds to their unusual sound.  Chromadrive has an interesting, fun and groovy musical adventure for everyone […]

The Flaying- Angry, Undead

Canada’s own The Flaying is releasing their sophomore album today through PRC Music.  Now to be honest I only heard of the band when they recently released the single Elegy of Emptiness.  There’s no other way to describe this awesome new band I recently got into.  They’re straight up death metal with […]