Death Metal

Diabology Official Premiere of “Writhe”

We don’t do a lot of thrash but couldn’t turn down a death/thrash band that’s plenty heavier than your average band in the genre. Diabology is releasing their sophomore album “Father Of Serpents” on October 7th through Dissonant Hymns Records. It’s groovy as hell as expected, and some decent riffs as well. For a guy who’s been out of the classic thrash game and been more into death metal, this band has kinda drawn me back into the death/thrash realms and you should check out this new blistering track.

Diabology states:

“In writing Father of Serpents, we took the opportunity to explore different genres of metal and combine them in a way that would not alienate our following. Lyrically, the band explores a vast depth that encompasses mythology, fantasy, social issues, and having sex with cockroaches. In collaborating with producer Dave Kaminsky, we were pushed to musical boundaries beyond expectations. The result is 44 minutes of gut-wrenching, mind-blistering, in-your-face metal. Enjoy motherfuckers.”

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