Phaeton Terra Australis Official Band Playthrough Premiere

Instrumental progressive metal band Phaeton is showcasing their full band playthrough of the song “Terra Australis” from their recently released album “”Between Two Worlds”. It’s a really cool track to say the least. Instrumental bands are a hard hit or miss, not much in between really (for me at least). Stereotypically are full of shred, but in this case its very melodic and lots of cool sections. It’s a very engaging song with some cool riffs and rhythms. I hope our followers enjoy this as much as I did!

Band comments on the song: The intro to this one always kills me, what with Kevin’s weird jazz chords trading off against the crunch chords and the tapping, and then the groove sets in the lead guitar get to work. When the complicated melodies really get revving up, you can almost hear the tortured squeak of our helpless tendons as we desperately crawl our fretting fingers across the fretboard in pretzel patterns. There’s a slight reprieve where we bring it down and present you with another hummable melody, and then things just start getting ridiculous again and it’s Phull On Phaeton.

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