Gilad Hekselman: The jazz man who’s as smooth as can be.

First off, I want to thank one of my favorite guitarists Tosin Abasi for promoting Gilad a few years ago which led me to discovering such an amazing guitar player.  Theres a lot to discuss, so let’s dig in shredders. I have been on a huge search personally […]


Alterbeast- Feast

The tech death freaks have returned with a sophomore release that may have just topped their debut Immortal.  Now if you have the cash to buy a watered down coffee, you can buy your favorite bands music to keep them up and running especially if it’s direct not through […]

Thoren- Brennenburg

I stumbled across this band recently and figured I’d spread the musical love about these dudes.  They’re a 3 piece instrumental groove/death metal band from Michigan. First thing that hit me is how creepy the music is and compliments the crazy album cover almost makes you feel like […]