Metavoid- Heliosophist

Progressive Death Metallers Metavoid are releasing their second EP “Heliosophist” on October 19th.  Their first EP ” Parasymmetry” was released in 2014.  Their Meshuggah influenced prog attack drew me in initially…..Ruben is an energetic vocalist that bellows over their unusual and inconsistent music.  There is some beautiful dissonance […]

Descent- Towers of Grandiosity

  Austrailian grinders Descent are releasing their debut album this Friday August 31st through Redefining Darkness Records.  It’s very enegertic, raw and straight to the point.  The band brings lots of punk and hardcore elements to the table as well.  There are lots of great bands coming out […]

Gourmand- Blossoming From The Grave

  You want a dynamic progressive death metal band? Gourmand brings that, and much more on their second album “Blossoming From The Grave”.  Drawing heavy influence from more than extreme music, they blend in folk and classical influences periodically throughout the album.  Luke is the band’s vocalist who […]

Gourmand August 2018 Interview

Gourmand is releasing their sophomore album “Blossoming From The Grave” today and discussed the history of the band and the upcoming album with their vocalist and cello player Luke. TMR: How is Blossoming From The Grave different than your debut album?  With […]

Aspired Infliction- The Undying

  Buffalo’s own Aspired Infliction is releasing a groovy album “The Undying” officially August 18th, and my preorder came in early! In that case, the people of the internet have to put up with my shit again for yet ANOTHER article *cue groaning in the background*!  The album […]

Aethereus- Absentia

  Aethereus is releasing a serious banger of an album this Friday August 10th.  Just like it’s newly signed Artisan Era colleagues Mordant Rapture this is the band’s first release on the upcoming technical death metal label.  You can find out more about the band and its members in my […]

Divinex June/July 2018 Interview

  I had a great opportunity to interview my Divinex homeboys and it’s quite the detailed interview! Everyone knows my obsession with them, and really hit home with me seeing another band’s perspective, writing style, process, and other areas of what makes them truly unique.  I have been to at […]

Quasi Stellar Radio Source- I

Quasi-Stellar Radio Source released their debut EP “I” in May.  The band is a Cinematic Progressive Rock band with layered songs.  The Italians seem to focus on layering songs, transitions, mood and melody.  Don’t expect blast beats, growls and crazy speed surpassing 200 BPM.  QSRS is an atmospheric […]