Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 5-23-19

It’s that time of week again! Whether you hate it or love it…..we’re back again with more new bands for the internet to check out! We’ve had a good amount of these features so far, and we urge you check out previous articles.


This newer jazz band is from Toronto, so I’m cheating and calling it “close enough” for our local band this week.  It’s only a hop across the border! This band rules.  The keyboard and organ work is stellar, the whole band is in sync and every artist who takes a lead doesn’t hog the spotlight.  It’s very melodic, engaging and a nod to both classic and modern jazz.  A coworker tipped me on these guys and giggled at the band name, but when i actually listened to their music I was floored.  Heck, I still am! They have two albums to date and you can listen to the newest album that came out this year! Check out “Going To Market” below.


This awesome brutal death metal band just recently signed to Amputated Vein Records recently! This alien and sci-fi influenced project is super cool, and is gearing up to release their full length album through their new label.  You can check out the debut EP below, and also a track from the new album as well! Enjoy this brutal slab of death metal ya chumps!


Orphalis is releasing a full length album on June 7th, and you can get caught up below with their techsanity with 2016’s monster release “The Birth Of Infinity”.  The Germans slightly changed up their insane sound with a blackened, atmospheric touch to their original sound from that album.  The single “The Stench Of Human Failure” is a bit different than their past songs, but in a good way.  Listen to that 2016 release and their new single below and engluf yourself in the insanity that is Orphalis!

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