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Misery Index premieres new single “New Salem” off upcoming album

  Death Metal Titans Misery Index released a RIPPING single this past week off of their upcoming album “Rituals Of Power”.  The music video is everything you would expect out of the band if you’re familiar with them……very energetic, emotional and balls to the wall wild.  Misery Index […]


Crevassian- Self Titled EP

Thanks to the mighty Gear Gods  for posting a bass playthrough of one of Crevassian’s songs, and because of that I have yet discovered another nutty band.  The chaps are an instrumental metal band with a modern sound to their wide and glorious sound.  Yes, they djent and ride […]

Unbowed- Through Endless Tides

Unbowed is a blackened death metal band that supported First Fragment on their recent Fall/Early Winter tour across Canada and wow did I really enjoy them. The band released their latest album “Through Endless Tides” last year in 2017.  They are a no nonsense extreme metal band, with […]