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Mind’s Doors- The Edge Of The World

  Mind’s Doors recently released their progressive melodic rock opus “The Edge Of The World” and it really shreds.  It’s a true prog a thon, with some long tracks and mind blowing compositions.  There are lots of great keyboard parts that bring out their melodic parts more and […]


Rainburn- Insignify

Indian Prog Rockers Rainburn have recently put out their album “Insignify” November 7th.  I love the melody Rainburn brings to the table.  Their sound is refreshing because there are some cool technical parts, and some laid back ones that remind me of the prog masters Porcupine Tree.  Rainburn […]

Vane- Black Vengeance

  Melodic Death Metal band Vane is releasing their debut album November 30th, inspired by pirates……yeah, melodic death metal influenced by PIRATES.  I was skeptical at first, debated even checking it out then listened to the music and damn did they knock the socks off my hairy feet. […]