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Turning Virtue Interview Preview Part 4.

        Hey folks! Two more segments of this obnoxiously long interview are now available. ¬†Don’t worry, we’ll keep teasing you until the full interview is posted. Enjoy these two segments. Advertisements


Aaron Marshall of Intervals

  Aaron Marshall the creative mind of his instrumental band “Intervals” based out of Toronto, Ontario. ¬†If you’re a guitarist and also an instrumental freak like myself, you should know who Aaron/Intervals is. ¬†His latest album catapulted its way onto my best of 2017 list for a million […]


  Nyktomorph is an extreme metal band from Buffalo, New York. ¬†These guys are so heavy…’s like they can’t get any heavier. ¬†They have a combined black metal and death metal influence. ¬†Sonically they’re absolutely blistering…..I love their vocals. ¬†Very raw, and very energetic. The band has a […]

Thanks for everything Frank Mullen!

The face…..the sound…..the epitome of legendary death metal band Suffocation Frank “The Tank” Mullen who has been the band’s only vocalist (minus fill ins since 2012 on tour when he picked up a full time job that demands lots of hours) in its 30+ year existence. ¬†That is […]