Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 4-11-19

Hello everyone! We are back with another edition of “Try Something New Thursday”! We hope you enjoy another wild selection of artists for you all to listen to! In our case, we hope these recommendations are new……if not, you’re on top of your game.  This week’s edition is much heavier than normal, which is great news for the metalheads who follow TMR. Please check out our previous editions before you decide to move forward…..or ignore the article.



One of my favorite extreme metal bands that should get more attention (I think up in the ranks of Decapitated, Suffocation, Incantation, Morbid Angel…..super) is Malta’s best band.  Beheaded has consistently pumped out great death metal album after album.  Their upcoming brutal offering “Only Death Can Save You” will be out June 14th.  The band just released a song from that upcoming album titled “A Greater Terror”.  It’s everything you’d expect from Beheaded, with a cool theme for the album as well.  It’s based around the concept of then end of life being the only salvation.  “Recounts of Disembodiment” is my favorite Beheaded album, but there’s 6 albums and an EP to get caught up on.  The latest album from 2017 “Beast Incarnate” is a great one also in the sense it’s the bands first album with a consistent lineup.  Like most bands they’ve struggled to keep a consistent lineup.  Let’s hope with this upcoming album it stays that way.  Check out the song below and their latest “Beast Incarnate” as well.  Then dive into the rest of their library face first!




Our local spotlight this week feature’s Rochester’s ridiculously heavy Gutted Alive.  The city’s pride and joy for death metal has two full lengths under their belt, and a third in the works according to our latest interview with guitarist Jason Acquilano.  I have seen them live a few times, and damn are they amazing.  Give these guys a shot, by checking out their album “Consumed By Carnage”.   My favorite track is included on this record, the wild “Necropheliac Chanisaw Rapist”.  I’m sure you’ll love this band.


Mestis is an instrumental project featuring guitarist Javier of Animals as Leaders.  We have known for a while he’s the jazzier guitarist between him and Tosin.  Mestis is J’s jazzier side (some metal thrown in here and there) with lost of ambience.  If you love Animals, but with a much more ambient and jazzier sound you’ll dig his side piece. The band has gone on tours recently.  They released their latest album “Eikasia” last year in September through Sumerian Records.  Check out some of their sweet tunes below!





This group caught my ears with the 2016 release “Mechanisms Of Omniscience”.  A straightforward death metal band with a vocalist Malika who has insane gutturals.  You’d never think it was a skinny metal chick fronting a super underrated death metal band with those super low growls.  There’s a reason she made females in metal list. Great riffs, drumming and her powerful voice fuel this great band.  Check out the latest song “Curb Stomp” from their upcoming album “Sociopathic Constructs”, and that 2016 masterpiece “Mechanisms Of Omniscience”.



One of Boston’s top bands (not named Abnormality 😉  ) brings a symphonic and technical edge to the death metal game.  This 4 piece is engulfed in the sexy shred of Goreblaster, without a doubt.  Paul’s diverse vocal range adds a lot to the Beast, and their rhythm section of Nate and Brendan are no slackers either.  Their album “Vampira: Disciple Of Chaos” is their only release to date, but was a huge surprise from last year.  Their debut absolutely smashes and is truly unique.  Their sci-fi edge makes them an even cooler band, being most death metal bands write about rape and gore ya know?  These guys are cool as fuck, and blast the shit out of their album.  They ARE working on new tunes, be patient Earthlings!  Listen to “Vampira: Disciple Of Chaos” below, if you aren’t familiar with this band already.

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