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Depraved Murder- Manifestation

Indonesia keeps bringing the brutality again and again.  Depraved Murder is releasing their upcoming album “Manifestation” through Comatose Music On May 17th.  This slab of death metal is as pure, true and original as it gets in the genre.  This wretched piece of brutal death metal pulverizes you from the first moment you press the play button.  The vocals are fantastic, consistent and brutal.  I absolute love the gutturals on this record.   The drumming is absolutely spectacular as well on “Manifestation”.  You can check out a handful of other bands from Indonesia including Ash Prison, Inrain, and Neptunus.  Depraved Murder just further proves my growing interest in the Indonesian extreme metal scene that they are no joke, but in fact a growing force in their country.



Ogy – Guitar / Vocals
Rama – Drummer
Azam – Bassist / Backing Vocals

The rhythms are absolutely amazing.  It gets fast but not too fast because I also love me some slower, groovy and disgusting death metal.  Depraved Murder does exactly that especially with the punishing bass and guitar.  I think I’ve struck gold here with a newer band with a heavy nod to classic death metal.  If you want a quick hit of that brutality, look no further.  Listen to their song “Persevere Genophage” that recently premiered on Slam Worldwide! Stay brutal!

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