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Neptunus- Alien Conspiracy



WOW does Indonesia ever pump out so many good metal sub genre bands! WOW IS THAT ALBUM COVER FREAKING AWESOME, oh don’t worry the music is just as good.  If you’re into the obnoxious side of tech death, this band is for you….I’m talking Brain Drill and Beneath The Massacre weird. No consistency, not much rhythm on guitar (although they keep a consistent groove occasionally when they aren’t sweep picking every scale they know on guitar!).  Neptunus released “Alien Conspiracy” earlier this month on October 1st through Eastbreath Records.  I’m gonna have to dig deeper into this record label if they promote obnoxious and technical music like Neptunus….this blows my mind.

I mean, is this shit even human? I definitely get the sci-fi theme the band is going for on their debut.  The guitars and drums are just absolutely mind boggling.  These guys are like the Indonesian Archspire, but a million times more strung out on heroin and speed. Seriously, this band raises the bar for modern tech death.  I won’t be able to listen to this all the time consistently, but when I want to listen to overdone technical death metal Neptunus should come to mind quickly.  How clean the guitars are without hearing any muting is extremely impressive as well.  The range of vocals are great and will please fans of all spectrums between low, mid range and high gutturals.

With a wacky, complex and crazy debut Neptunus has with “Alien Conspiracy” it just makes you wonder…..what the hell? WHERE do they go from this wild debut? Could they top it? Will they do a total 360 and release a pop album? Seriously it’s a whacky 30 minutes (give or take) of your time, just listen to it and if you can buy this impressive debut album.  Look out for more from Neptunus and their label Eastbreath Records! Stay Tech!


Yeah…they really DO mean fucking business!


Here is one song from the insanity that is Neptunus.

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