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Trigger- The Harbor



Trigger is a solo instrumental project by Michael Trio out of Nashville.  Tonight on Halloween I give you a SCARY good fucking album.  Trigo did all the music and arrangements on this beast and shit is it ever a masterpiece.  It’s a prog-tactic adventure through the cosmic whirlwinds of an endless time warp! Yeah I may have just pieced together a bunch of cool sci-fi fi words to make a cool sounding sentence….judge me, I don’t care.

To stay on topic, “The Harbor” is an amazing album in the instrumental realms.  It’s good to hear something in the prog realms with a bigger focus on melody.  There’s lots of great djent and extended range guitarists that put out cool music with some electronics and synth and all that jazz, and some instrumental death metal.  Trigo’s melodies throughout this epic album are so smooth and so beautiful.  This would honestly make a beautiful score for some movies, it has cinematic undertones to it as well.  It’s a very moving album, for sure.  The different elements of synthesizer and keyboards bring out even more melody in the music.

He has some great shred, and then with the guitars he tones it down and zeroes in on the melody.  He reminds all of the grasshoppers that there is much more to music than speed, and “The Harbor” perfectly represents that with the different guitar leads.  There’s some beautiful acoustic sections mixed in between the all the sweet dual guitars and double bass drumming.  I never lost interest in the album, and kept me wanting more.  Trigo has his band playing shows too, to boot.  If you live in Nashville try to make it to his shows! I’m damn glad I got this masterpiece in my e-mail and glad I took the time to listen to it.  Great job man!


You can check out the band at their next show November 8th! Check out the link right below here.


https:// triggerbandofficial.bandcamp. com

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