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Ayamvoid release new single “Condemned To Extinction”

  Death Metal group Ayamvoid released their latest single “Condemned To Extinction” a couple of weeks ago.  The band presents a very heavy and straightforward attack to their death metal game.  Ayamvoid is a very groovy band and really likes to slow it down.  I loved the whole […]

Crevassian- Self Titled EP

Thanks to the mighty Gear Gods  for posting a bass playthrough of one of Crevassian’s songs, and because of that I have yet discovered another nutty band.  The chaps are an instrumental metal band with a modern sound to their wide and glorious sound.  Yes, they djent and ride […]

Unbowed- Through Endless Tides

Unbowed is a blackened death metal band that supported First Fragment on their recent Fall/Early Winter tour across Canada and wow did I really enjoy them. The band released their latest album “Through Endless Tides” last year in 2017.  They are a no nonsense extreme metal band, with […]