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May 2020’s Artist Of The Month is….Gutted Alive!

Rochester’s heaviest (and also Western New York’s) band is brutal death metal giants Gutted Alive.  Their latest banger “Killing Desire” is the third installment of their brutal legacy and the guys have made a huge name for themselves getting on tours and opening up for some great bands on top of it all.  Their talent, hard work and dedication to the brutality make them a great choice for anyone who doesn’t know them while the majority of us SHOULD be staying at home for this month’s spotlight.

I’ve seen so, so many Gutted Alive shows they never ever disappoint.  We did have them headline our Halloween show last year and was quite an honor to have the 4 piece tear down Rochester’s Bug Jar slam by slam.  I mean they have even done some headline weekend warrior dates and a co-headline tour with Gutted Christ in January.  If you’re yearning for more brutal death metal, we proudly present you the almighty Gutted Alive from our side of New York State.  The guys have never let us down, and am sure our followers who are into this side of the site will absolutely love the band.  Tune in every day to our facebook page for a gnarly ass slamming Gutted Alive song that will surely tear your insides apart.  Stay brutal!


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