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Visions Of Disfigurement- Aeons Of Misery

Visions Of Disfigurment is releasing their massive slamming sophomore album “Aeons Of Misery” tomorrow June 8th.  This newer band has a lot to prove and boy did they blow my expectations away.  It’s leaps and bounds better than the 2016 debut “Abhorrent Extinction” which was my introduction to the band.  It was a solid debut, but this new album they pushed their songwriting to the limit and the production is also infinitely better.  Visions Of Disfigurement is a dark horse in the slamming brutal death metal scene. You can buy their new album through their record label Realityfade Records.

The band managed to get Lukas from Stillbirth and Zac of Whoretopsy as guest vocalists on two of the songs!  The vocals are some of the best highlights of “Aeons Of Misery” with such a wide range it’s very impressive.  VOD’s execution on this album is a slamtacular effort that definitely solidifies them as one of the better up and coming bands of the genre.  They groove real hard and you’ll be breaking shit in no time trust me!

You can check out the two singles below!



If Ingested needed a support slot for a tour (whenever the world opens back up) Visions Of Disfigurement would fit the bill like a glove in my opinion.  They have a similar delivery in their brutality, but maybe that’s just the UK way?  Between the pummeling riffs, varied vocals and insane rhythm section you’re fucking up big time if you’re not familiar with VOD.  “Aeons Of Misery” proved to me this is the band’s most polished and mature release so far in their short existence.  Don’t forget to support them and their label by buying something tomorrow!  Oh, and don’t forget your slam hammer.

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