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August’s Artist Of The Month Is Visions Of Disfigurement!

August’s Artist Of The Month here at TMR is the up and coming slammers Visions Of Disfigurement!  I’ve been on a huge caveman/slam/brutal death metal binge since the beginning of summer and it’s kinda reflected on my monthly artist features, and VOD really brings down the house with their latest release “Aeons Of Misery”.  The album is their most mature and best produced album to date (2nd full length, 3rd release in the band’s infancy).  2016’s “Abhorrent Extinction” was my introduction to this band and their modern take on brutal death metal is really captivating, and not too modern to turn me away (i’m slowly getting into some deathcore here and there).

They have a no nonsense heavy sound that I wish more people know about and hopefully this is a bit of help to a great band.  You can check out our Facebook page every day this month for a different song by the British lads!  If you want a new disgustingly heavy band in your life or have heard of them, now is a great opportunity for us to help you out!  Enjoy the brutality and we hope you discover a new favorite band!

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