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June 2020’s Artist Of The Month is Post Mortal Possession!

Continuing the brutality from last month is Pittsburgh’s finest Post Mortal Possession.  This newer band has some seriously heavy tracks and their latest album “Catacombs Of Bedlam” is their finest work to date so far.  The band recently signed to Lord Of The Sick Recordings and everything seems to be in the upswing for them.  If you like a mix of classic and modern brutal death metal these guys definitely scratch that itch with a little slam thrown in for good measure.

I get it, lots of brutal death metal sounds the same and can get tedious like any other genre.  PMP sticks out from the crowd in my eyes and if you’re not familiar with their music now is the time to follow our page to check out one song of theirs ever day.  Stay up to date with the band’s happenings on all of their social media accounts and stay brutal!


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