Melodic Death Metal

Draemora Official Guitar Playthrough Premiere Of “Legion Of Scum”

Seattle’s melodic death metal newcomers Draemora are releasing a guitar playthrough of  their song “Legion Of Scum” from their debut EP “Awakening”.  That EP will be out on the 26th of the month so be sure to grab that banger!  Guitarist Terry Jenkins has this to say about the playthrough:
“On this playthrough I used some new gear that I never thought I would ever use. I got this Line 6 HX Stomp and it replaced 5 pedals I used for eq, boost, and noise reduction, it is extremely close to the pedals if not better in some ways too. Of course, I used my favorite amp of all time the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and my heavily modified Modern Player Strat that I love!! I used a Shure Beta 56 to capture the V30s in the Recto Cab and that’s it man, it rips hard! Hope you all enjoy it!!!”

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