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Dischord- Corruption Of Innocence

Dischord is a pretty wild death metal band from Canada who blends a wealth of subgenres into the mold that is themselves.  There’s some prog moments, and even a little technicality here and there for good flavor.  For Death freaks like me into “The Sound of Perseverance” era, […]


Marc Durkee- Remain In Stasis

Marc Durkee is releasing his album “Remain In Stasis” January 18th of 2019 and it’s a great progressive rock treat! You can also check out a guitar play through of the song “The Dark Dimension” above this sentence.  He is a wealth of talent writing not just all of […]

Anabasis- Of Conviction

Anabasis is a 6 piece progressive metal band from Syracuse, which is kind of local to us Buffalonians.  “The Chamber” was a really heavy, straightforward banger that was quite a cliffhanger leaving fans in a curious frenzy what was to come next.  And, alas….”Of Conviction” was what was […]

The Astral Cadence- Paradigm

The Astral Cadence released “Paradigm” during this past fall in September.  They’re an instrumental progressive metal band with ambient influences.  The trio has a great sound that a lot of these instrumental prog bands generally nail…..great atmosphere and melody.  “Paradigm” is a great representation of the diversity of […]

Mörglbl- Tea Time For Punks

  Hot dang. I recently discovered this weird and very enjoyable band this past week. This instrumental jazz fusion metal trio just blows the roof off of everything.  Either you have the talent to go with solid songwriting in the weird fusion realms……or you’re just flat out talented […]