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Depths Of Hatred Is April 2021’S Artist Of The Month

One highly underrated band Depths Of Hatred is our April Artist Of The Month for 2021! The guys stealth dropped a new album recently “Inheritance” I never even knew about! If you like your death metal brutal and a little melodic you’ll love the sound of DOH. The newest release is a lot more melodic and even some singing to boot. “Bloodguilt” from 2018 was my initial introduction to the band and absolutely needed more ever since then. Heavy, relentless, energetic and chaotic best describes Depths Of Hatred.

DOH brings a lot of different styles to the table and aren’t your run in the mill extreme metal band. They have a great mix of modern and classic sounds many fans can get behind. I won’t spoil it too much for anyone unfamiliar with them but lets say you are in for one heck of a treat!

Canadians always do death metal better…..right? Well I’m sure our followers are fairly familiar with the band but in the event you aren’t we will be posting a song of theirs every day on our facebook page. They pack a serious punch and have blazing riffs, so buckle your seatbelt and let them take you for one hell of a ride!

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