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Huelga is a one man instrument mathcore/death metal instrumental project by Mike Fonseca.  If you love your djent, mathcore with some sneaky melodies you’ll love his music.  The EP is expected to drop March 31st so keep your eyes peeled! The sound of the band is really tight, and isn’t boring at all.  It’s very groovy and gets melodic at times…..and isn’t repetitive.  Mike plans on releasing a cassette as well of this upcoming EP, which you can do so here.

The rhythms are pretty nice as well.  I think he totally stands out in the world of increasing instrumental projects.  If you enjoyed the one band I covered Pathos And Logos you’ll probably dig Huelga who’s similar to P&L but heavier.  Mike didn’t overwrite or overdo the music, and is at a stellar medium where there’s enough going on but your brain isn’t on overload trying to comprehend everything. You can check out an interview he did last month right here. He also derives a lot of influence from artists such as Frank Zappa and plenty of heavy metal as well.

The drums are pretty heavy and groove really hard.  Sometimes it gets quick enough that makes you think back to the 1980’s thrash metal days.  Overall it’s a stellar debut I think people should check out.  It’s not of the lighter side of instrumental bands like Intervals, but don’t expect to be lulled to sleep because this project is heavy.  Mike is awfully talented considering he also did the instrumentation for the songs.  Grab this bad boy once it’s released!


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