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Organectomy- Existential Disconnect

One of my favorite finds of the last few years in the brutal death metal community is definitely Organectomy.  Ever since I heard the blasting debut “Domain Of The Wretched” I was instantly hooked on the insane band out of New Zealand.  They signed with Unique Leader Records, re-releasing their debut.  Their energy and engaging foot tapping rhythms will get you addicted like a teen trying alcohol for the first time.  Organectomy is a fresh, new and exciting thing on the brutal death metal scene.  The new album “Existential Disconnect” will be out on June 21st, and lemme tell you about that nasty single.  If you’re into the broots you totally know the legend that is Matti Way (Abominable Putridy, Disgorge, Ex- Pathology).  Organectomy grabbed his disgusting set of vocals for the single from this upcoming album.  You can listen to that bad boy right now!  If that doesn’t show confidence in a new band, I don’t know what does.  Absolutely insane song!




Alex Paul – Vocals
Tyler Jordan – Bass
Levi Sheehan – Drums
Sam McRobert – Guitar
Ashton Moore – Guitar

Newcomer Levi Sheehan on drums really stands out on the album.  His double bass technique is awesome, I love the parts he laid down on this record.  He doesn’t try to overdo himself or try too hard especially being the new kid on the block.  I’m impressed with his performance on the album. His rhythm mate Tyler Jordan does a stellar job on bass as well.  When I initially learned about Organectomy, my first draw was the vocals.   I couldn’t get over them! Legitimately awesome brutality! I think Alex Paul did an even better job with his gutturals on their sophomore release.  If they keep this up, I’ll be obsessing over them PRETTY QUICKLY.

The riffs and spliffs are pretty strong on this one.  Sam and Ashton’s chemistry rips, and rips hard.  They introduced more guitar solos to break up the brutality, and also some quicker sections and licks too! It definitely helped prove they’re not a one trick pony and there’s some cool surprises speed wises here and there….it’s not ALL slower brutal death metal!

Organectomy proves with “Existential Disconnect” their permanent place in brutal death metal with this great album.  All of these great elements will only raise the ceiling for the potential with this young band.  Organectomy hauls ass, support them any way you can to keep them around.  And stay fucking brutal!

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