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August’s Artist Of The Month Is….ORGANECTOMY

New Zealand’s most brutal band Organectomy is TMR’S August Artist Of The Month!  I’ve been following the band since their full length debut “Domain Of The Wretched”.  I was a big, big fan of that album…..true brutality, no trends and no BS.  The follow up quite possibly my favorite brutal death metal album of this year so far “Existential Disconnect” has been on constant repeat in my library.  When we got the promo from the label in our e-mail I was blown away at their songwriting and its maturation.  I was also in love with the improved set of pipes from vocalist Alex Paul.  If you want to know more about the band and its latest release check out our interview with their guitarist Sam Mcroberts.

They have gained some steam with that nasty new release, and are heading over to North America for that bulldozing lineup in this year’s Bloodletting Tour.  Like most bands, they’ve gone through some lineup changes.  I’m sure as hell thankful they are still around as that’s a proven factor rotating doors in bands are stressful.  A decent amount of people are familiar with the band especially if you’re into death metal.  I definitely believe Organetomy is barely scratching the surface of great things and will become one of the modern greats in the genre.

Pay attention all August as we post one song every day from their library, giving our followers a chance to check out this nasty band.  I figured we’d continue with the heaviness with July’s feature showcasing Syracuse’s finest Ecliptic Vision.  Enjoy this earth shattering band folks!


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