Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 8-1-19

Holy crap it’s August already? Where has the year gone? Anyways, we have some more bands (new or not to you) for our followers to listen to today.  Check out our previous articles before moving forward!


The Botswana 4 piece caught my attention with one nasty and heavy song during one of their rehearsals (which will be linked below).  They’re an old school death metal band that’s been around for a while and only heard some of their music earlier this year.  The guys even get to open up for Bleeding Spawn later this month! There’s actually a pretty big metal scene out their way believe it or not.  If you love classic death metal, you’ll dig the groove of Overthrust.  Check out some of their tunes below!





Rochester’s Order Of The Dead is one of my favorite extreme bands in WNY of recent memory.  They blend speed and melody into their tunes, adventuring outside of death metal occasionally to spice up their music.  Unfortunately, they dropped out of the scene about or over year ago….and it crushed my heart because they’re so damn good.  BUT recently there’s been rumbles on their Facebook page, and looks like they have risen from the dead after bowing out after a decade of brutality.  Let’s hope so because they kick ass.  Check out the EP “A Black Curse Comes” below.  They also released an album last year “The Jackals Hold Us Captive” as well.



This project is a must listen for those who like power metal with their prog.  “The Unknown Voyage” is their first offering and recently just released a new self titled EP.  It features new vocalist Joshua Ratcliff.  The EP is a little different where Josh adds some growls giving the sound an even larger facelift.  Both offerings are great, you’re going to want to check out both releases now.

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