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Chaos Over Cosmos- The Unknown Voyage



Progressive Power Metal outfit Chaos Over Cosmos recently released their debut album “The Unknown Voyage” September 7th.  The Polish and Spanish duo has installed classic prog metal influences in their sound and mixed that with lots of dual guitar leads and synthesizer tracks.  It’s an impressive debut that could make any classic prog metal fan happy.  Check out the album on their band camp website right below.

Chaos Over Cosmos:

Javier Calderon – Vocals
Rafal Bowman – Guitars, Synth, Programming

While its not over the top technical, the impressive track layering keeps you zoned in on their epics.  Rafal and Javier worked together to create well layered tracks and great keyboard melodies that compliment his voice.

The Unknown Voyage:

  1. A Hidden Path (2:52)
  2. Armour Of The Stars (Xenogears) (14:49)
  3. They Will Fall (11:59)
  4. The Compass (10:50)
  5. The Sky Remembered My Name (Instrumental) (7:12)

Clocking in slightly under 50 minutes, “The Unknown Voyage” is a diamond in the rough for progressive metal that has recently been taken over with lots of gutturals.  Javier’s voice is a nice change up from a genre that has been fairly extreme, in recent years.  I expect good things out of the guys and am glad I stumbled across this album. Rafal’s musicianship is very elaborate and their debut album really showcases his ear for the band’s melodies. I love how he went all out on some parts, and then scaled it back when he had a great melody on his guitar leads.  Rafal is a well versed guitarist who kept my interest throughout the band’s debut album.

If you’re a classic progger or an old man who just hates gutturals, blast beats and extended rage guitars this band is for you! If you’re not into the whacky and extra heavy part of progressive metal, but a band with a classic sound that reminds you of Symphony X and Wintersun you’ll dig Chaos Over Cosmos.

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