Try Something New Thursday

Try Something New Thursday 8-8-19

We here at TMR hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly article every Thursday! This week I’m really feeling the brutality.  This article has a select few from the death metal community, sorry it’s not as diverse as it generally is.  I’m really feeling these 3 bands this week! Today we have more bands for you to listen to, before you go ahead and listen to some new music check out previous versions of TSNT!


Just heard this sexy band a few days ago.  The vocalist of our featured band this month Organectomy does everything in this project.  As much as I love Alex’s gutturals, the guy can produce and even play guitar.  Crap man, the latest record “Suffer, Seraphim” is a serious banger.  It’ll go down at least a top 10 album this year as far as brutal death metal goes.  It rips hard and is absolutely vicious. Par Olfosson did the artwork for the aforementioned album…..just saying.  Check it out below!


Indonesia is pumping the jams folks.  Don’t kid yourself.  Open up your ears and minds, Depraved Murder really rips hard.  Comatose Music is housing some of the best death metal out there and the band’s latest release “Manifestation” is another great one.  Consistent, steady and never wavering from their goal… make some insane death metal.  Check out this wild release below!



Extra Dissonant death metal group Horror God dropped a really sweet single “Age Of Madness” a few days ago.  The band is releasing their third full length “Cursed Seeds” at the end of September through Lavadome Productions.  If you’re a Gorguts and Ulcerate freak, you’ll probably dig these guys just as much.  You can listen to the song below!

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