Trayen Burke Releases “Red Giant”

Guitarist Trayen Burke has released another song titled “Red Giant”.  This song is one of many of a strings of releases the last few months along with “Gravity”, “Supernova”, “Dark Matter”, and “Nebula”.  All of these tracks are part of his upcoming instrumental release “Black Hole” which will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.  The Constructs guitarist also recently played a show opening up for Sarah Longfield under his solo project, maybe we will see more shows outside of California once this EP is released.  Keep an eye out for where you can pre-order his solo album and when it’s out, I will definitely be posting when I find out on our facebook page because I want in on it too! If you haven’t heard his solo material, it’ll hit those proggy atmospheric djenty vibes.  In comparison to the other handful of songs he’s released, “Red Giant” is more melodic and definitely not as heavy.  It still has stellar melodies, but a bit less heavy and a bit catchier.  Burke shows off his diversity on this latest single and you can listen to this song below.  Click the links i the second sentence above to check out his other releases and check back on our page for when he releases pre-order information if you’re interested.  Enjoy the track people!

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