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Diagoras- Enigma


Progressive/Technical Death Metallers Diagoras recently released their EP “Enigma” October 5th.  It’s a very groovy and technical when it has to be.  Lots of great tech bands pride themselves in the such, and can understand why some people shy away from these weird sub genres.  Diagoras though crafts great groove and technicality to make any metalhead happy.  Enigma is full of killer riffs and melodic guitar leads thanks to Mitchell. Their vocalist Erik Olans has some great gutturals, and even some singing at a few points.  The rhythm section of Simon and Ljuba is very fun to hear on their crazier parts and their locked & loaded groovy sections as well.

The Swedish Quartet put together an engaging EP.  The band also nods to classic death metal occasionally in their music as well.  They’re located in melodic death metal heaven AKA Gothenburg, Sweden.  I think bands from Sweden generally have something in the water that makes them superior artists….I don’t know what or why, but they just fucking do.  Stay up to snuff with what these cats do, because I guarantee you boring breakdown riff metal will bore the shit out of you and bands like Diagoras don’t!


Erik Olans- Vocals
Mitchell Colbert- Guitar
Ljuba Tripković- Bass
Simon Wärnén- Drums


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