KOSM- Cosmonaut



Progressive Metal outfit KOSM is releasing their debut album “Cosmonaut” November 16th and am pleased I had to the opportunity to listen to it.  Being a big Mastodon and Gojira fan I heard plenty of nods towards those modern day prog greats.  KOSM does a solid job of mixing technicality, mood and groove.  They have all sorts of dual guitar sections, and very psychedelic and moody parts on “Cosmonaut” as well.  They’re a well versed band with all kinds of moods and changes engaging your ears every split second.


Mike Slater – Guitar

Michael ‘Pastrami’ Mastracci – Bass

Jessie Grace – Vocals

Erik Leonhard – Guitar

Sterling Paterson – Drums


In a genre (like any others, really) that can get a bit repetitive and old, KOSM kicks ass by trying something different every song.  Some are heavier than others, some have more psychedelic and moody sections…..they are not a one trick pony.  I thoroughly enjoyed the band’s debut album and everyone should give these guys a chance.  The rhythm section of Sterling and Michael is real good that is the true backbone of KOSM.  Pre order this glorious debut album and support the band! The band is also hosting a CD release party in British Columbia, you might wanna check it out if you live in Canada.










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