Hey guys, hope you’re having a fantastic day.  Just keeping y’all in the loop….I’m rolling in a podcast radio show with a few of my friends in the Buffalo music scene.  It consists of: my crazy ass, Mike from Aspired Infliction and his partner in crime Vick (who both actively run, and my buddy Davey K of Turning Virtue/Gazing Rabbit Productions/Imagine Event Center/The Tao Of Davey K (the man wears a million hats, I swear).  We will discuss many things prog metal and rock/technical death metal/experimental/instrumental music and the such.  There will be plenty of topics involving musical gear, shows we attended recently, upcoming shows and albums, new bands, and of course music! We want to even bring some musicians on at one point (locally to us in Buffalo, of course), when we really get rolling.  Maybe even premiere music for bands too! We have ideas for segments, as well.  It might be a once a month thing for now, and may change if there’s increased success and lots of interest.


Tomorrow evening October 12th, this insanity begins! We only have a Facebook for now, but will be getting into more social media accounts soon. Hope to see some of you on our journey to insanity!



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