Category: Death Metal

Orphalis- The Birth Of Infinity

I stumbled across a killer technical death metal band Orphalis, and figured I would share the love about their debut record from 2016 “The Birth Of Infinity”.  I think I bumped into another solid technical band that has done a solid job of balancing enough of that, and […]


Enblood- Cast To Exile

Enblood released a killer debut album last year “Cast To Exile” and have only known about this great technical death metal band since the end of 2018.  The band is from Portugal, and should be no shock as there is an absolute obnoxious plethora of hispanic bands who create […]

Relics Of Humanity- Obscuration

Relics Of Humanity is a brutal death metal band from Belarus who is releasing their EP “Obscuration” shortly on February 22nd through Willowtip Records.  The label constantly strives for quality music, and Relics of Humanity is just that and then some for the death metal crowd.  This band really does […]