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Vomit Forth- Seething Malevolence

Brutal/old school death metal band Vomit Forth is releasing their full length “Seething Malevolence” this Friday July 8th. I’ve been a fan of this band for over a year and personally anticipating this album, suffice to say I’m even more impressed. My favorite release is the 2019 EP “Northeastern Deprivation” and from the get go “Immortal Disseverance” grabs you by the genitals and never lets go. They have the heaviness of BDM and an OSDM like production and songwriting quality as well. The boys also recently signed to Century Media which highly delights me. Now this is where the curveball (A good one folks, don’t freak out on me) gets thrown, and a more rhythmic approach is dawned upon us. My VF boys have transcended into a riffier, rhythmic style and also slowed it down to more pocket grooves than the past I believe. “Seething Malevolence” seems like it is a tribute to Internal Bleeding and that’s not an insult.

Vomit Forth has taken ass beating riffs, caveman slams, and basically a Sanguisugabogg approach to their brand of death metal. The vocals are even better and mainly in the low end on the new release. If you love death metal of any capacity this is a must listen for you. Yes there are still faster sections on “Seething Malevolence” yet I cannot help but feel the songwriting has improved greatly. The band has matured in that aspect and the more I listen to this album it’s rivaling that 2019 EP between the band’s few releases. The drumming is very good as well and not overpowering doing more than enough to keep the grove. Very good performance adding in fills when needed, playing tame but not drawing away from the music but adding to it.

This is a slightly catchy album for death metal, believe me or not. I’m trying not to fanboy but there’s a lot of catchy rhythms and guitar riffs on this release. It’s an impressive step up from the first few effforts and is also the perfect death metal album in 2022 to show a newcomer. It has that late 90’s death metal production that’s very gritty and raw. As previously stated it has that riff heavy IB influence and is perfect for people who want to give deah metal a go.

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