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Weekly Roundup: Venom Prison, Father Befouled, Deliriant Nerve, & More!

Hey there people! 2022 is shaping up to be hella sick as far as heavy music goes. I’m going to attempt to do a weekly roundup for the rest of the year, as long as there’s enough content and I don’t forget due to ingesting many callous chemicals on the daily.

First off this week, we have a huge release from Welsh band Venom Prison. I had the opportunity to catch this death metal/hardcore (but not deathcore!) band a few years ago and I fell in love instantly. Their sound is reminiscent of that mid-to-late 2000s MySpace metal that I hold near and dear to my heart. With riffs that make you want to smack someone in the teeth, Venom Prison’s third album Erebos is one of the best yet this year. The biggest change from their last album seems to be the addition of some clean vocals, showcased in the track “Pain of Oizys” with its brooding clean sections building to a very sick second half. Every song on this album captures the sound of evil so well, and their writing in general has greatly improved since the last record. Highly recommend a listen.

FFO: pinch squeals, goblin voices, bar fights, Greek mythology

Venom Prison – Erebos (lovely artwork by Eliran Kantor)

From here, I’m gonna give you some quickfire of other cool shit from the week.

Father Befouled (Everlasting Spew Records) dropped a single for their upcoming album “Crowned In Veneficum“. Death doom from some Atlanta, GA dudes who keep it REAL AF.

Rivers of Nihil announced a headlining tour through the US, accompanied by Fallujah, Alluvial, and Warforged.

Washington DC grindcore d00ds Deliriant Nerve released nearly 12 minutes of ferocious riffs and manic tempos. Highly recommend if you’re loaded on caffeine and hatred for everything else.

Neil Young started boycotting Spotify, and now a number of other artists are leaving the platform. They also posted their market numbers and saw a huge decline in late 2021. Will this be the end for the green app? Probably not, but it’s funny as hell to watch those non-artist-paying fuckers lose some money.

Decibel Metal & Beer Fest announced their 2022 lineup, including legends like Cannibal Corpse, Candlemass, Voivod (whose new album will come out later this month), and a reassembled The Red Chord playing through their acclaimed album ‘Clients’. Will this happen or will the dreaded virus strike down festival season yet again? Only time will tell! Otherwise get drunk and get crunk in Philly with some pretty sick bands!

Oh and Chris Barnes is just a giant fucking idiot, but we already knew that from his music, his friendship with a guy who unironically calls himself “Lord”, his hair, and all of his narcissistic tweets.

And that’s all I have for this week. I’ll try to get back on this next week if there are more good tunes, dumb news, or other shit to comment on!

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