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Cognitive is TMR’S February Artist Of The Month!

One of extreme metal’s underrated bands Cognitive is our featured band of the month! A good amount of our followers are probably familiar with the band to some extent. Metal in general, probably aren’t. They’ve been slowly growing underneath our very watch with their *almost* best effort so far “Matricide” released in 2018. I worded it that way because I didn’t know how good the follow up would be and man that monster released last year in 2021. “Malevolent Thoughts Of A Hastened Extinction” topped my favorite release by them and the production is just as good. My only knock on the band has been the production, the music has always been stellar. “Matricide” was a huge step in improved engineering and then the latest album is on that same level production wise.

They blend traditional and new school death metal with some groovy, slammy riffs and soaring gutturals with sweet rhythm section work that form Cognitive. If you’re not familiar with them check back on our facebook page daily for a song every day!

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