Ola Englund releases Guitar Playthrough of “Stars And Ponies”

Guitarist Ola Englund has released a phenomenal guitar playthrough off of his upcoming 2021 album “Starzinger”. He released the song a month ago on December 4th of 2020 and his preparing to unleash another awesome instrumental effort like 2019’s “Master Of The Universe”. Based on this song and the other single from last year “The Sun And The Moon” this album might be much groovier than his first solo album, and oh yeah did I mention this playthrough has cats?

If you love instrumental metal, chunky metal riffing, and some psychedelic/atmospheric vibing you’ll be into this track. Also featured are a couple of his Solar guitars which look awesome by the way.

Pre order his upcoming album at the link below, no date has been confirmed yet. Enjoy this awesome song!

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