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The Hallowed Catharsis is February 2021’s Artist Of The Month!

One of tech/prog death metal’s most underrated and unsung heroes The Hallowed Catharsis are taking over our featured spotlight for February this year. They’ve consistently put out some of the coolest music in extreme metal with a little tech twist, but not too far off the rails to where you lose the groove. Their songwriting has been on par from the beginning and has only gotten better to their latest release 2020’s short and sweet EP “Killowner”.

I’m sure a decent amount of people have heard about the band but are deserving of a much wider audience given their stellar talents. The vocals are pretty varied thanks to Leda Paige. The lyrics aren’t stereotypical gore, death and sex believe it or not! In fact its generally involved with science fiction and if you peep their album art they have some pretty sweet covers! Canada continues to pump out all kinds of great death metal and they are just another testament to back that claim up.

If you’ve been on the fence about technical death metal and think those bands have lost their groove, THC will prove you wrong. I urge my followers who aren’t into that scene to give them a shot because I’m sure you’ll be tapping our fingers or banging your head sooner than later.

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