Klexos- Astathmēta Official Song Premiere

Progressive/Technical Death Metal outfit Klexos is premiering their new song “Astathmēta” with us today at TMR! The project features former Aronious member Brandon Brown and drummer Evan Neiman. Once I saw his accolades I was immediately interested considering how stellar Aronious is.

Album Release Date: February 26, 2021
Physical/Digital Pre-order:
Statement about the release:Apocryphal Parabolam is our debut album that has been in the works since 2015. The writing process began concurrently with finishing the writing of Aronious’ 2020 release, Perspicacity, and continued through 2018. All of the guitars, bass, and vocals were written, produced, and recorded by Brandon Brown, and the drums were tracked by Marc Birr at Carp Town Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Nick Weyers of Aronious. Initially, the project was launched as a solo effort for Brandon to branch away from Aronious’ style, but after all of the songs were composed, Evan Neiman came aboard as the drummer of Klexos. Evan’s unique style and ear for arrangement gave the album another dimension and filled in the missing pieces. We are beyond thrilled to be able to share this album with everyone!

“Astathmēta” will take you on a brutally atmospheric 7+ minute trip into the heart of Klexos. Its quite an impressive track with some extra dissonance as well and I’m sure our followers will really dig this song. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album “Apocryphal Parabolam”. The album is set to be released on February 26th. Enjoy! (Pre- Order the album here)

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