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January 2021’s Artist Of The Month Is Human Barbecue!

Time to put that awful year of 2020 behind us and start up 2021 with a serious slam courtesy of Human Barbecue! They are just as new to me as they might be to you reading this announcement with our website’s choice. I figured we can kick start a *hopefully* better year with a slamming brutal death metal band from one of my favorite labels Realityfade. There’s a slight modern influence in their sound and it is a pretty polished sound for a band of this style. Oh and did I mention there’s guitar leads and melodies? That is totally unheard of in slam but hey they’re in there!

Upon of learning their existence last year, their latest release “Bloodstained Altars” was my introduction to their fine brutality. There’s a reason I have that album on our website’s 2020 highlights article just saying. If you remember, I helped them out with a premiere of “Sliced and Eviscerated” featuring Brandon from Agonal Breathing and the other billions of projects he’s in. If you’re into that side of metal you will enjoy this band and hope our followers embrace in the grooves and slams HB brings to the table.

Check back daily on our Facebook page for a Human Barbecue song daily during this month as we love to bring the music to our followers!

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